Russia - Germany (full match)

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Full yesterday's game between Russia and Germany in the EuroVolley 2013 with sensational result. Germany won in three sets and after that victory they has been named a "black horse" of that tournament! Christian Fromm and Georg Grozer had 71% efficiency in attack! Grozer was the top scorer with 21 points, when Christian Fromm scored 13 points. Andrei Voronkov said at the pre-match press conference that Russia won't repeat mistakes from the Finals of World League 2013 in Mar del Plata. German team played great in block and their float serves (all of German players except Grozer served floats) caused a lot of Russian receivers. Only Muserskiy played in his proper level in that match in Russian team. "I don't know what and how it happened. Immediately after the match I went to the team and I said that I don't know why we have won. But I'm sure that it was our best match in last two or three years" said Vital Heynen, coach of German team. "It was fenomenal. Russians couldn't finish practically any attack. Almost all of their points was scored after our errors." said German libero Ferdinand Tille. Donate to volleyboxDonate to volleybox
Date: 20.09.2013
Place: "Sports Hall", Gdynia (POL)
Match: Russia - Germany 0:3 (Group D, 1st match)
Kind of tournament: European Championships 2013
Commentary: Russian


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