Simon Aties high-reach (384cm)

2014-03-22 19:37
Middle-blocker of Copra Piacenza is known for his insane athletic ability but this is higher level. Movie presents amazing reach of Cuban player (he reached 384cm in this video). He is a player of Copra Piacenza since 2012.
Robertlandy Simon Aties
Date of birth: 1987
Height: 206cm
Weight: 91kg
Position: middle-blocker
Spike: 358cm
Block: 326cm
Clubs: Ciudad Habana (CUB), Copra Piacenza (ITA)
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przemek16 PL 4 years ago
The jump in the video is 3.84m. You can hear the coach say it after the jump. In the original link from Piacenza Video they say his best is 3.89m.
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 4 years ago
384 but his record is 389. Get your facts right man!

Also chrison should change Simon's data, instead of 358cm, it should be 389cm
hanes233 EE 4 years ago
389 actually, check the description in youtube or volleywood.
cubamores CA 5 years ago
Simon, never escaped from Cuba, he quitted the national team and he was separated from the Cuban national squat and he waited in Cuba till his permission was conceded to play overseas. Now under Cuba's Emigration rules for athletes he can return and play for the Cuban team, same situation is for Leal, Juantorena, Sanchez, Hernandez, Bell, Hierrezuelo, Leon... long list of player from that island
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 3 years ago
@cubamores: will he play for the NT in 2016?


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