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Thanks to their victory over Montenegro, they secured their ticket to EuroVolley 2019. There was a full house in Nitra – 2500 spectators in a packed arena accounted for a brilliant atmosphere. Nice video to celebrate qualifying on home s... Show more
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Coach Andrej Kravarik and his assistants Martin Pipa and Roman Kassa announced the team for the European Championships which will be held in Poland.



Setter: Juraj Zatko, Filip Palgut

Spiker: Milan Bencz, Peter Mlynarcik

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Kacper 2017-07-31 0 711 710 1 min read
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Andrej Kravarik made a successful debut as head coach of Slovakia. He guided his team to win in three sets against Japan in their opening match of the World League 2017.

#ArenaPopradPoprad #MatejPatak #MilanBencz #MasahiroYanagida #Japan ... Show more

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Exciting game against Slovakia brought France the first win during the European Championships. "Les Bleus” tipped the balance on the very tight sets number two and three. In their game with Slovakia France caught a very good start with t... Show more
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Russian team doesn't have obstacles in Play-Off. Pavlov and company won against Slovakia in three sets. "Sborna" controls game, though result in first and third set doesn't really shows it. Russia showed good reception and attack. "Today... Show more
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Perfect video! Some nice actions of European League 2011. Slovakia national team won that tournament, in the final match in the tie-break won against Spain. See best spikes by Iban Perez, Emanuel Kohut, Michal Masny, Lukas Divis and man... Show more
Berny 2011-11-14 14 2925 2924
Berny9 years ago 2924 14

The Slovak spiker has been recently the focus of media attention and his life could be used as a material for quite a good movie. Peter Divis, the man in question, was born on 4th August 1976 in a Slovak town Zilina.

He was the talk of ... Show more

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