Srecko Lisinać (4th movie)

2017-03-25 21:28
Srecko Lisinać made a huge accomplishment in his career as he started playing relatively late. The first invitation for the junior national team came as a surprise, but as it turned out it was a right decision of the staff. Srećko was playing in VC “Ribnica” from Kraljevo before transferring to SKRA Belchatow in Poland three years ago. After a short move to Berlin, Germany, he is back in Belchatow. He was one of the best blockers in the Serbian National Championship – “Wiener Städtische Superleague”. In 2011 he won bronze at the Junior Men’s World Championship. The invitation for the senior men’s team came three 4 years ago and Lisinac grabbed this opportunity firmly with both hands. He won bronze medal at the 2013 European Championship, where he was named the best blocker of the competition. Also, he won silver at the 2013 U-23 World Championship in Brazil. In the World League he booked 4 seasons, and won silver medal last year. 1089 views
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Srecko Lisinać

Srecko Lisinać

Height: 205cm
Weight: 79kg
Spike: 370cm
Block: 355cm
Current club: Trentino Volley (Italy)

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