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The best spikes by setters in OQT 2019 Other The Olympics Qualifications 2019 The main role of setter is set the ball. Sometimes setter can attack. Here are the best spikes by setters in Olympics Qualifications 2019.
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Volleyball Explained: Setter in Rotation 6 Other Our trip along the volleyball rotations is just about to finish, but before that we should examine rotation 6. What is happening in Rotation 6 on a volleyball court? Enjoy!
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Jay Blankenau Freeball Spike in match Egypt - Canada Actions World Championships 2018 Overpass spike by Jay Blankenau, Canadian Men's National Team setter against Egypt in FIVB World Championships 2018
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The best volleyball dumps Highlights That kind of tip is hard to predict. Compilation of tips and amazing points.
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Micah Christenson spike (Modena - Latina) Actions Italian Serie A1 2018/19 Micah surprised the defense of Top Volley Latina with great spike. Modena is current on the 4th place. He scored 1 ace, 2 blocks and 2 spikes in that game.
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TOP 100 Spikes of 2018 Highlights Let's count down the top 100 spikes from the 2018 calendar year!
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Volleyball Explained: Setter in Rotation 1 Other The rotation of a volleyball team is a significantly relevant factor for the organisation of the team plays, especially in attack stage. What are the specifics of the different rotations? Why is rotat…
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Jonas Kvalen fantastic spike Actions European Championships Qualifications 2019 Strong spike of Jonas Kvalen in match in the qualifications for the European Championship 2019. This victory gives the Norwegian team a fair chance of qualifying for the Finals.
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Raydel Hierrezuelo spike (Ankara - Thessaloniki) Actions Champions League 2017/18 Having a left player as setter is such a plus! Raydel Hierrezuelo didn't think twice when offered this chance ;-) Halkbank, however, made quite many mistakes and their performance from the serving lin…
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Compilation of Benjamin Toniutti tips in World League 2017 Players Tips made by famous setter: Benjamin Toniutti. He got "Best Setter" award in this competition. His team won in final game against Brazil. He said: "Now we want to stay at this level as long as possibl…
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Luciano De Cecco spike (Perugia - Padova) Actions Italian Serie A1 2017/18 Luciano De Cecco proved again that he can spike well. He scores a good point by attacking the hammer position.
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Best actions by setters in EuroVolley 2017 Highlights European Championships 2017 Top setter actions from the second ball. Highlights of EuroVolley 2017. Nice actions made by famous setters like: Grankin, Giannelli, Vincic and Bratoev.
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Nimir Abdel-Aziz in match Sete - Poitiers Actions French Ligue A 2015/16 That movies shows why Nimir became spiker. There was one of his last matches played as setter. Since 2016/17 he plays as spiker.
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Micah Christenson in Grand Champions Cup 2017 Players Grand Champions Cup 2017 Micah Christenson is absolutely one of the best setters in the world. He showed amazing skills in Grand Champions Cup 2017.
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Compilation of setter tips in World League 2017 Highlights World League 2017 Top setter tips from the second ball. There are some shots from the World League 2017. Tips made by famous setters like: Toniutti, Giannelli and Christenson.
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TOP 15 spikes by setters Other Setters not only set the ball to spiker. Players in this position can also attack the ball and score point.
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TOP10 Best Volleyball Actions - Nikola Jovović Players Nikola Jovović is a young and promising setter. He was playing for VC „NIS Vojvodinа“ from Novi Sad, before he moved to “VfB Friedrichshafen” in Germany. Now he playes in Monza, in Italy. He…
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Raydel Hierrezuelo 3rd meter spike Actions Italian Serie A1 2016/17 Amazing 3rd meter spike by Raydel Hierrezuelo the during game LPR Piacenza - Kioene Padova played 19.02.2017. He is one of the best transfers in LPR Piacenza.
2 years ago • PallavoloPadova • 1221 views
James Shaw in match Padova - Molfetta Players Italian Serie A1 2016/17 James Shaw, setter of Kioene Padova, during Kioene Padova - Exprivia Molfetta 3-0. Italian volleyball Superleague 2016/17
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James Shaw in match Perugia - Padova Players Italian Serie A1 2016/17 New player of Kioene Padova: James Shaw in match against Sir Safety Perugia. It was 2nd round of regular season in Italian Volleyball Superleague 2016/17.
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James Shaw nice action (Padova - Monza) Actions Friendly match 2016/17 Nice action by James Shaw - Kioene Padova's setter - against Gi Group Monza in a friendly match. Italian Volleyball Superleague 2016/17
2 years ago • PallavoloPadova • 387 views
Simone Giannelli spike (Trentino - Modena) Actions Italian Serie A1 2015/16 Simone proved again that he can spike well. His team unfortunately lost, but Simone will play for sure for scudetto again.
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Micah Christenson spike (Perugia - Macerata) Actions Italian Serie A1 2015/16 The setter of Lube Banca Macerata: Micah Christenson surprised the defense of Sir Safety Perugia with great spike.
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Nimir Abdel-Aziz as spiker Actions French PRO A 2015/16 Abdel-Aziz changed roles with the Cuban Raydel Poey, who became setter in this rally ;-) Battle between two of really strong teams in French PRO A: Arago de Sete and Stade Poitevin Poitiers. Both of …
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Micah Christenson spike (Lube - Latina) Actions Italian Serie A1 2015/16 Regular spike presented by American setter: Micah Christenson. His team won all 3 matches in the quarter-finals against Latina and now they are waiting for proper rival in the semis.
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Luciano De Cecco spike (Verona - Perugia) Actions Italian Serie A1 2015/16 Dynamic spike of Argentinian setter from the difficult position in the first quarter-final of Serie A 2015/16.
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Bruno Rezende spike Actions Italian SuperCup 2015/16 Strong spike of Brundo Rezende. That was Italian SuperCup 2015 match at full "Pala Panini" hall (there was 5000 fans) in Modena. The hosts took revenge on Trentino for the loss in play-off finals in t…
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Micah Christenson spike (USA - Italy) Actions World Cup 2015 Micah spike from the second ball in game against Italy. Top teams of Group A faced in the last round of Group A in Hiroshima. USA is current leader of World Cup 2015. Micach scored 1 ace, 3 blocks and…
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Setters spikes compilation Actions Compilation of spikes by famous setters like: Bruno Rezende, Rafael Oliveira, Ulaş Kıyak and Nicolas Uriarte.
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Miguel Tavares fantastic attack Actions Italian Serie A1 2014/15 In January 2015 he moved to Italian club: Copra Piacenza and signed contract with this team to end of season 2014/2015. He replaced Valerio Vermiglio in the starting line-up as a setter. Copra Piacenz…
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