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Men's U23 World Championship 2017 starting here Friday will be a testing ground for a new scoring scheme currently under review by the FIVB, which, if successful, could mark a historical turning point for volleyball - much as the introdu... Show more

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I red interview with Rodrigo Quiroga, and he says that old rules (25 points), better than new system. what do you think? I agree with him.

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FIVB has interesting plans of reorganising both male and female annual world games: World Grand Prix and World League. Few secrets from these plans reveals president of Polish Volleyball Federation, Mirosław Przedpełski.

Time for refo... Show more
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The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) has announced a postponement to the implementation of the Overhand Reception Rule on Monday.

The FIVB Board of Administration decided to suspend the implementation of Rule 9.2.4 of the Rul... Show more
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Golden set is not the best rule, but the rules that have been before golden set caused second match less exciting.
Year by year there are more and more discussions about that rule which seems to be unfair.

There's a rule that can solve ... Show more
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FIVB updated and approved official volleyball rules 2013 - 2016. There are many interesting changes in new rules. See the complete list of changes.. . . Rule 4 Teams:. 4.1 Team Composition. 4.1.1 For the match, a team may consist of up t... Show more

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