Thank you Matthew Anderson

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With one short video of Zenit TV the club has showed that they will miss Anderson who recently left the team. They have called this video "Спасибо за всё, Мэтт Андерсон! / Thank you for all, Matt Anderson!". He said: "After the World Championship I went home. I felt fine and thought that everything would be ok. I believed that I could overcome depression…It didn’t work. After two weeks in Kazan, depression was back and it was so hard for me. I think that it’s not a result of playing abroad. I just couldn’t live away from my family. I couldn’t train and play. I repeat, I have no any conflict with teammates, the coach or the club’s board. Here in Kazan, everything was at the highest level. I decided to take a break from my career because I’m tired of volleyball. I couldn’t wear the mask of a happy and carefree person, although I have completely different feeling. I need a time for recovery" Buy Volleybox gadgetsBuy Volleybox gadgets
Matthew Anderson

Matthew Anderson USA

Position:Outside Hitter
Height: 202cm
Weight: 100kg
Spike: 360cm
Block: 332cm
Current club: Leo Shoes Modena (Italy)


BernySK 648 6
5 years ago
have a nice break Matt, recover and come back soon to your passion :-) we love your style on Slovakia. Also my wife like you
scorpio111888PL 409 5
5 years ago
szkoda faceta.. Oby się szybko pozbierał, bo jest bardzo barwną postacią i wciąż jednym z największych talentów!

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