The best opposites in the world (2nd movie)

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The second movie of the trilogy: "The best opposites in the world". In the video you can see such players like: Wallace de Souza, Ivan Zaytsev, Tsvetan Sokolov, Zbigniew Bartman, Marcus Nilsson, Gavin Schmitt and Georg Grozer. Highlights from World League 2013, The Olympics 2012, Champions League 2012/13, World Cup 2011, Italian Serie A, Russian Superliga and Korean League.
Wallace de Souza
Ivan Zaytsev
Zbigniew Bartman
Tsvetan Sokolov
Marcus Nilsson
Gavin Schmitt
Georg Grozer

Title of Song: Fabolous - My Time ft. Jeremih
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conalmcainsh AU 5 years ago
Thomas Edgar of Australia is developing into a world class opposite. When he starts hitting off blocks more consistently instead of jamming the ball, he will easily be up with some of these players. He is Australia's major point winner and a primary reason they made World League finals this year.
zloty147 PL 5 years ago
Another great video. Good job and keep going.
vtnklmdc PL 5 years ago
new generation of best opposites in the world, thanks for video, cool to watch
Radko BG 6 years ago
awesome movie with great players
Renke82 NL 6 years ago
All good players, the thing that separates them is mental strengh. Who can make the crucial points in big matches?
Ramon Martinez-Gion NL 6 years ago
wallace can be the best on his good day, sad he has lots of downs
apvencore PL 6 years ago
Gavin is a greatest athlete in volleyball.
casamodena IT 6 years ago
Spike reach of Schmitt at 2:10 is terrifying. Seems like he's catching the ball over the top of the side rod!!
Joachim7 BE 6 years ago
Very good movie! You could have added a few more players ofc but I guess you kept them for the third movie
Here is a list of the guys who probably deserve to be in the next one:
And keep an eye on "outsiders" Zhygalov,Castellani,Van Den Dries,Vettori ;-)
NightFox BG 6 years ago
Yes - Maxim and the rest were in the first movie, this one continues it. There will be third movie but not soon.
Nagor PL 6 years ago
Ahh I know now. Michaiłov and rest were in 1st movie
John17 FR 6 years ago
Bartman but not Mykhailov ? Please you cannot be serious ? Did you really miss the best opposite in the world in this video?
Nagor PL 6 years ago
I like this compilation, but where is Michailov? He is absolutely top, better than Bartman, Zaytsev, Wallace And Muserskiy at the end is very... meaningful
Buziak_PL PL 6 years ago
Put Schoeps instead of Bartman and it will be perfect . Btw the way that Zaytsev attacks still makes me astonished *.*
hanes233 EE 6 years ago
This movie is the best movie I have seen in atleast 3 months! I love normal view, volleyball is so great to watch becouse of the speed and power of the game and normal view does that very well
hanus AU 6 years ago
So can someone confirm for me that Bartman moved from playing pass/hitter or left sided hitter (or whatever term you use) to playing opposite? Does anyone know why this is the case? Thanks
MaskYs BE 6 years ago
I like the end with dmitry Muserskiy
gabrielfreund CA 6 years ago
Awesome video, great that you included Schmitt! Probably the best Canadian player!
eRKa PL 6 years ago
awesome movie man, like always. you have completely different way of making movies, show strong and speed of actions in normal tv view. with good music like this one it looks amazing.

im really interesting who will act in third part
NightFox BG 6 years ago
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