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2021-03-02 • 1862 defa görüntülendi • 6 replies

So, @Volleybox, @sitenoise and others and do we deal with this weird tournament ? It is a real conundrum, the winner of this championship will not be a team but a player, the player with the most wins/best stats. So how can we do for rankings/teams/points ? I have an idea but it's pretty bad, you'll probably have better.

Those are the actual rankings, how to transpose that on Volleybox ?

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2 yıl önce

I have no idea. As to the ultimate ‘winner(s)’ … a “News item”?

The interesting thing for me about this funny tournament is the drafts and how the teams are made. Do you think there is a way to document that? I think in the beginning I suggested making each week it's own tournament, or round, or something, but that's a mess.

We really need a way to “pin” certain posts in the Timeline. Or have a separated “facts” tab of some kind so critical info isn't lost in a maze of fanfare. That's the only suggestion I can come up with. 

If a person doesn't know anything about this thing, the profile page here doesn't help in understanding its uniqueness. 

I was hoping wikipedia would have something, at least documenting the teams, but nada. There may be a page in the works but it can take months to get a Wiki page published. 

Sorry I'm no help. What is your idea?

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2 yıl önce

@sitenoise I 100 % agree with. This tournament is a terrible mess. Today a team won 2 sets to 1 but lost the match because they won less points. ?

My idea's still terrible and it requires creating fake teams lol. I was thinking at the end if the winner is for example Jordan Larson we can create a fake team like “Nebraska Team” (her birth place) or something like that with only her in the team so on her profile she will appear as the winner of the tournament. At the end it would give something like :

  1. Nebraska Team
  2. Team Chicago
  3. Team Denver

With only one player in each team, corresponding to the player's ranking in the real tournament. But to do that we need to create 40+ fake teams and that's not our goal. 

Does someone have a less bad idea ? ?

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2 yıl önce

@PierreFoucault I believe it would be more useful to the volleyball community at large to have documentation about the tournament rather than it would be to figure out a way to fit it into the “ranking” system of this site. It doesn't make sense to give points for this thing, except maybe stat points like ‘best scorer’, ‘best spiker’.

It's been kinda fun watching some of it, especially the drama of the drafts. Someone suggested they could kick it into a ratings bonanza if they actually voted someone OUT each week … Survivor Style! ?

Did you hear the “some mom from Brazil” comment re: Sheilla LOL

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2 yıl önce

In my opinion completely separated logic should be created for this tournament. That's a huge effort and there are more important tasks for now.

For now data related with this tournament could be created as posts/news.

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2 yıl önce

@Volleybox yeah, they'll probably change it to something else next year anyway. This thing is like an extended all star game. We don't have a solution for that

Have I mentioned I would like to see a separate tab for “facts”, "sources" or “basic info” (or something like that) where the posts are not overwhelmed and lost in a flurry of youtube videos and Instagram retweets? 

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1 yıl önce

so in case we wanted more fun… the “league" is doing a series of exhibition games this spring… with their league season intended for the fall season… I might add the players, might wait for fall. 

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