2021-06-13 • 2918 defa görüntülendi • 3 replies

I wanted to add the Pacific Games Oceanian tournament today and i can't find French Polynesia/Tahiti between the national teams. Maybe there are more team what's not exist on this site yet. I hope we can find the missing ones.

S…k 717 16
2 yıl önce

Yeah some of them exist and others not, that's a problem sometimes.
But @Volleybox told it is really difficult to deal with national teams.

What you can do so far is adding them as clubs and create the tournament for “Clubs and national teams”.

bpeter0228Author 9 5
2 yıl önce

@Sherlock It seems to be a good solution. Thank you!

1 yıl önce

@Wheredle I really hope we can track down those who have gone missing.

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