Men volleyball transfers 2013/14 (681)

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Volleyball Transfers
Previous club
New club
Raydel Poey Romero Opposite from Cuba
Thiago Maciel Opposite from Brazil
Vivo/Minas Brazil
Bento Vôlei Brazil
Rômulo Batista Outside Hitter from Brazil
Al Shorta Iraq
Daniel Jansen Van Doorn Middle-blocker from Canada
Maximiliano Cavanna Setter from Argentina
Bolívar Voley Argentina
Jasper Diefenbach Middle-blocker from Netherlands
Netwerk STV Netherlands
Marco Rizzo Libero from Italy
Kamil Lewiński Opposite from Poland
TKS Tychy Poland
Roberto Romiti Libero from Italy
Luca Spirito Setter from Italy
Aleksey Nalobin Middle-blocker from Russia
Mario Mercorio Outside Hitter from Italy
Svetoslav Gotsev Middle-blocker from Bulgaria
Cansın Hacıbekiroğlu Middle-blocker from Turkey
Kert Toobal Setter from Estonia
Damiano Valsecchi Middle-blocker from Italy
Itely Milano Italy
Milan Bencz Opposite from Slovakia
Itely Milano Italy
Alexsandro Garcia Vicente Setter from Brazil
Alberto Pedra Mendes Middle-blocker from Brazil
Volta Redonda Brazil
Rodrigo Moraes Middle-blocker from Brazil
Volta Redonda Brazil

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