Trentino Volley - Zenit Kazan (short cut) - part 2

2011-10-15 21:35
Nice highlights from match Trentino Volley - Zenit Kazan in Club World Championship 2011. Trento won that game in four sets. Vladimir Alekno (coach of Zenit Kazan) said: "There's not much left to say. The Italians have an incredibly strong team, and are just difficult to play against. I wish them good luck in tomorrow's final". Matey Kaziyski (wing-spiker of Trentino Volley): It's a great victory. We're very satisfied with our performance of today. Our team spirit and determination to win was great. We had our difficulties, but we managed to keep control and win this match. Tomorrow we'll play against the Polish team (Jastrzebski Wegiel), another strong team. They have really impressed me in this competition. We have to be careful and give all we have left to win this match".
Date: 13.10.2011
Place: "Al-Gharafa", Doha (QUA)
Match: Trentino Volley (ITA) - Zenit Kazan (RUS) 3:1 (semi-final)
Kind of tournament: Club World Championship 2011
Commentary: Russian
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kuba9426 PL 6 years ago
great match
raylight BG 7 years ago
No problems, they deserved it a little, it is not shown properly on the site
proud BG 7 years ago
Oops,my bad
My deepest apologies to the FIVB employees and their sons
raylight BG 7 years ago
Yes, they have - there is P3 version of the stats
proud BG 7 years ago
Here,hanes233 -
Yet another tournament,where fivb stats look like they were done by someone's 5 year old son....lame,FIVB...lame...have you heard of percentages ?
hanes233 EE 7 years ago
Can I see the pdf report please


raylight Sofia, Bulgaria

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