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@kaljumbos That's quite interesting matter to discuss. In 1:58:41, French player touched the net, what resulted in discussion between the referees and the Italian team. As soon as the game is over, Lube asks for challenge, and that's where the problem lies. The first referee is a a Pole, Paweł Burkiewicz, active in PlusLiga, in which you can challenge every action that happened in a single point. In the Champions League, assistant coach has to immediately push the button straight after he sees the possible error. After the game is over, it is possible to only challenge the last action, but since the last action was Artur Udrys spike, the referees should prevent Lube from challenging this. To conclude, CEV rules are dumb.

@PierreFoucault Some money here, some money there, easy living 😀

@jais I doubt Mikhaylov will ever leave Russia and play abroad. Here's an interview with him in Russian: Also, don't be so entuthiastic with transfers, these are only rumors and definetely some of them won't happen. As for playing in Italy, the main factor will always be money; great cuisine, good place for living and mediterranean climate are just another reasons for top players from all over the world to play there. 😉

@J.P. I'll just leave it here:

@Sherlock At least that's what usually happens but it's pretty dubious for me to accept every source, especially if it's a simple tweet. I just hope you keep it the professional way as there are some “rumors” that are often a figment of somebody's imagination, it's pretty childish.

Wouldn't it be better to allow only registered users adding Rumors/Done deals? Sometimes it's just a mess…

@jais Yes, I did not mention any "big caliber" player since it's hard to even find one now, but it also requires an experienced player to provide a suitable level for training session and most important, to provide a substitution during the match. Youth players seem like great idea for training session but to give a good substitution? Nevermind, will see.😉

@jais It is a bit hard to conduct a training session with only 2 outside hitters available. Szerszeń's probably out until the end of the year and Täht for more than a month. Resovia will probably offer someone a few months contract if necessary and if any player is available.

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