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TVs should take example of this where you can watch the warm ups. Much better than seeing 2 random people talking.
Welcome back. :) I like the movie. Only one complain: I would like to see the digs before the spikes and probably the player preparing for the serve. :)
@Kacper: Oh wow, I didn't realize this was two years ago. Thanks!
I thought Antonin Rouzier retired from the national team?
@SuperRelax: Doesn't middle blocker do that a lot too?
I like it, but why not all of them or a huge compilation instead of just 10? 😀
@MoonSB: If I am not wrong, he is recovering. He had some health issues lately.
And here we go, that infamous wave of movies...
Best Tallest players 4 years ago +1
Now we need a video for the smallest volleyball player :D
What about Bruno? 4 years ago 0
@Wilfredo_is_MarshallI: I believe he meant that he is taking his role too seriously. Giannelli is impressive. But if he is taking this too personally... It could be bad in the long run.
the top three are three times the same attacks... Where is that "middle attack" from NGapeth? It was the best.
@PAraujo010: If you look at Kovacevic's Jersey, it is mirrored. 😉
@MrMxyzptlk: So the second referee didn't do his job properly? I'm not sure to understand.
@MrMxyzptlk: Wow, didn't the ref checked the position before? With that check, they should've been playing the right position before?
Apparently, something happened during a set that gave Belgium a 8-0 lead. What happened? I missed the match
Against Canada, not australia. :)
That's not even a fail, the iran blockers lowered their hands before he attacked. He wanted to touch some hands. If the blockers didn't lower their hands, it would've be a touch. I'd rename this something like : ball sent flying or something. Not labeled a fail. :/
@Wilfredo_is_Marshall: Woops, made an empty comment...

So, I agree with Bratoev sub because he has a float serve and I think that Kazan has some trouble with foat serve(especially Matthew Anderson). Maye he was nervous, but I think he just took too much risk.

I don't know for Lanza, Why he should've started Lanza?

As of Lube, yeah I'm surprised you were right. I think it was the coach's fault to not addressing that.(Or at least, addressing that quickly enough). Nice prediction you made!
@Wilfredo_is_Marshall: Wow, Lube had a lot of trouble playing against Trentino.. I think they could have played better.. But oh well I was wrong. 😝

Zenit Or Trentino? 😝

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