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Impossible to update the Ljubljana - Noviy Urengoy match, I don't know why. Even as an administrator of the tournament.

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This match is already present for the 12th round, you just have to modify the round ;)

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I think they should do a 3rd place play-off to give the last Champions League spot, or maybe they just want to reward the best team during the regular season. Both ideas are good for me.

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Trentino finished second of the regular season and Modena 4th

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That's a very good idea. But when you're searching for a player at a hall, 99 % of the time you also know his position. And then among the middle-blockers for example, you just have to check who is the 12. I think it's perfect as it is right now, sorted by positions but with the jersey numbers also.

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I never search any player with his jersey number (and I really don't care actually, it's good for referees and commentators and that's all), however I do use a lot the players position, for example to search a player in a team when I see a substitute that I don't know, to see who's selected at each position (for national teams) and other cases like that. Now it became really difficult.

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I have to say that I don't like the new organistion on team's squads with jersey numbers. I prefered a lot when it was ranked according to the players position, now it's difficult to read. Or maybe you could add a button where the user can choose to list the players according to their position ?

Incredible win from Carpiquet (5th division), which defeated Rennes (2nd division) after being down 2 sets 0 !!

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I think someone should mix those two tournament : https://volleybox.net/men-greek-a2-league-2019-20-o10952 and https://volleybox.net/men-greek-a2-league-tt314 because they look the same to me

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@RonanCaroff a 3 points penalty your team get by fine, I hope no administrative relegation at the end of the season, like it was the case in the previous year for Paris or Poitiers


Micah Christenson is fantastic. Best setter in the world.

The Olympics 2020 2 weeks ago +1

@Kondes Thank you for your wonderful comment, very elaborated and full of arguments !

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@ASK I use jokerlivestream, it works quite well

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Oh, I thought it was the personnal message, sorry ^^

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Someone changed the Scottish teams (Glasgow and Edinburgh) from Scotland to United Kingdom, is it you ? I can not put them is the Scottish championship now !

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Thank you :)

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Why are we unable to add clubs ?

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FIAT Minas Club is 5th and Ciudad Voley is 6th at the Copa Libertadores, they played a 5th match play-off that was won by the brazilian club. Can someone correct it please ? https://volleybox.net/men-copa-libertadores-2019-20-o8949/classification

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Serbia is underrated in both rankings

Good news ! The website is growing up and evolving quickly, and it is more and more complete thanks to everyone's contribution. :)

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