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Volleyball microblog 2 days ago +1

@kaljumbos Lol that four touches action from Lube, I've watched a lot of volleyball, but I've never seen such an action !

Volleyball microblog 2 days ago 0

@kaljumbos Here it is : https://fr.sportplus.live/volleyball/259683/915258/

Volleyball microblog 2 days ago +3

@jais I guess it will be broadcasted on Raisport, a link here : http://www.freeintertv.com/view/id-2785

If not, I don't know.

Volleyball microblog 2 days ago +1

@PanicVB Yes, it is a fake account, you can block him.

Volleyball microblog 2 days ago +2

@francolinozz In live some of them are broadcasted on Raisport (and all of them are on streaming websites but with lower quality), you can easily find a stream on Internet. And in replay probably on YouTube.

Volleyball microblog 5 days ago +2

@Dorien Thanks for the informations. The season will be outlandish with this Covid-19 threat.

@jais Absolutely ! I missed the sunday evenings watching the big matches of Italian Superlega

@jais Yeah it would be nice to move a little this Big Four, even though Modena looks a bit weaker this year. I think Milano and Piacenza can maybe approach them.

@jais A lot of good players, but I guess still some collective work to do. It could be a very good team with Grozer, Clévenot, Russell...

@SlobodanNiketić Okay, I understand your arguments, but still.. Kovacevic in Kraljevo, it would be disappointing. I enjoyed a lot watching him play every week-end in Italy and in Champions League.

@SlobodanNiketić I have no idea who it is

@SlobodanNiketić I'm sorry if it's true, but it would be the worst transfer I've ever seen

@SlobodanNiketić So one of the best players in the world will play in one of the weakest teams of a weak league, even though he could be playing anywhere in the world ? I don't believe it

@SlobodanNiketić Players who were supposed to play in China were first forbidden to go there, but now they are allowed, in a NBA-like bubble.

Volleyball microblog 1 week ago 0

@SlobodanNiketić Those are matches from the senior championships, not U18 championships

Volleyball microblog 1 week ago 0

@Volleybox It's perfect. I think it is much more clearer for everyone.

Better rating 1 week ago +3

I agree. Obviously this is a participative website, so more and more players are added, and then more and more players have 5 stars. I think the  5 stars should be saved only for very, very good players.

I take totally random examples of players who deserve probably a little less than 5 stars : 



Volleyball microblog 1 week ago 0

@Volleybox Great, thanks

Volleyball microblog 2 weeks ago 0

@RonanCaroff D'accord oui, là effectivement c'est une première :)

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