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Henrique Gehrke Setter 5 years ago +4
pretty good,how old are you?
Club Season 2012/13 5 years ago 0
Impressive buddy (Y)
Dusan Bonacic 6 years ago 0
Great Boniaacc
Junior player spikes 6 years ago -1
Who voted down for all the comments here?
As 14 years old player, no need for power, all what he need in such age is controlling the ball and it's pretty obvious here.
Junior player spikes 6 years ago -2
A club yes
Junior player spikes 6 years ago -2
Thank Youu
Junior player spikes 6 years ago -2
The serve and reception were the key for wining in this match.
I really wonder why Ivan was shouting and nervous in the first 2 sets, i really like his play.
Your jump really impresses me (Y)
Bulgaria - Cuba 6 years ago +1
Good one
Very good
I want to play in such court.
Greaat dudeeee
Woooow, it sound good
Tell me how you measure it?

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