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  • P…F 1 year ago
    Hello, I am unable to answer to your private message, I Don't know why because it works with other people.
    So to answer you, the setter of the action is Corentin Suc, because our first setter, Jérémy Audric, is injured.
    franzvinci01IT 1 year ago
    Can you delete this tournament: bva cup 2018/2019? it's wrong
    zhangnaCN 1 year ago
    Brenda Castillo also won the award for best receiver of the Pan American Cup 2018, why have not they added yet? Here the proof, add she has won three individual awards and not just two as it is here on the site, add the 3rd award.
    franzvinci01IT 2 years ago
    add please Zambia and Tahiti (French Polynesia) national team.
    marciovolleyBR 2 years ago
    Hi, friends from WM.
    I would like to add some videos of the Paulista Championship 2017-2018 (, but the user who added this tournament put some wrong information, so that I coudn't do it.
    Please, correct the information there and add this information "Date to: 07.10.2017" instead of the information "Date to: 17.09.2017", so that me and other users would be able to add the videos. Thanks.
    marciovolleyBR 3 years ago
    Hi friends of VM,
    In fact, there's no official information about the transfers added in May 27th:
    - About tansfer of Peruvian player Maguilaura Frías to Vôlei Nestlé you've just added: the article of the Brazilian press linked to it doesn't inform any official transfer of this player to Osasco. There's just a suggestion in Portuguese of the blog's reader about it, not an official information;

    - Also, in fact the Argentinian middle-blocker Emilce 'Mimi' Sosa renewed her contract with Pinheiros some weeks ago (season 2017/2018), as you can see here:
    The information you've just added added about Mimi's transfer to Vôlei Nestlé isn't official.
    marciovolleyBR 3 years ago
    Hi, friends! Well, I write to tell you we can't add anymore regular season matches of Men's Brazilian Superliga 2016/17. Indeed, it hasn't beeing allowed to add matches after the 18th round. However, regular season of this tournament only will be finninished at 22th round.
    Please, correct it, so that we should be allowed to add more matches of Brazilian Superliga. Thanks.
    salhetmiQA 3 years ago
    Could change the classification on QVA Cup 2016/17 : 1-Al-Arabi Doha 2- El Jaish
    salhetmiQA 3 years ago
    Could change the classification on QVA Cup 2016/17 : 1-Al-Arabi Doha 2- El Jaish
    salhetmiQA 4 years ago
    Could change the classification on Emir Cup 2015/16 : 1-Al-Arabi Doha 2- El Jaish

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