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I don't see any reason to create such a movies. What we have to comment about that one year losing with AnasRazi? All our players played shit, is that pride to create movies from this tragedies? No dynamics, no physical training, tactical or psychological. At least i'm sure that it's the end of that, back what we lost, but with a new coach.
Poland in EuroVolley 2013 7 years ago -10
@Roninho: Of course i haven't problems. Good luck to Spirytusov in next fights. :D Btw, how do you know that about Sergio? Don't you think he doesn't want to provide such information to the public?
That squeaking is unbearable, lol.
Poland in EuroVolley 2013 7 years ago -9
@HCLT: How many times Russia eliminated Brazil with somnambulist Rezende? It was pleasure to see skipping ReSrende around the court with helpless what Spiridonov was doing. :D How do you live in 'favelas', my dear friend? Is it comfortable? It seems you didn't sleep well there. :(
Polish Plusliga 2013/14 7 years ago 0
It's not fair that it will be TV transmission on Polsat Sport only Resovia-Bielsko Biała, why not also Skra Bełchatów-Lotos Trefl Gdańsk?
Amazing revange for champions league last year. Skra-Arkas. :)
Who cares... Their life.
Bartman is really weak at this moment, he was favorite of Anastasi and he expelled him, Bartman can leave national team forever. Rzeszów didn't want to talk with Zibi about new contract, that's why he is in Italy, all our attackers in Plusliga were better than Zibi honestly...
You forgot some surnames in clubs.
For example Romanutti and Poglajen in Effector Kielce. They personally confirmed that. And one black guy from Jamaica named "DJ" in Kielce. 😀
I have impression i'm talking with Revan.

Saeed or Revan, watch matches where Uriarte played, he took team to victory in WL matches and pulled the team out of trouble he improved game when De Cecco left court. De Cecco is a bit overweight and lose mind in key situations of match that's why he is more often not main six setter.
Besides, i want to watch turkish league when Raphael will have bad day and i'll be watching totally anonymous turkish setter. Good luck.
Andrea Anastasi 7 years ago -6
Anastasi, your days are numbered. :)
Saeed, De Cecco is only 2 years older than Uriarte. Luciano lose rivalisation with Uriarte in WL this year and De Cecco played only coming to service. Which reserve player Skra need? Tell me what setter will have Halkbank when Raphael will need leave court at some matches? Turkish? Reserve players are only addition, i don't see any bad thing in that.
Saeed, Brdović will be 2nd setter. We have problem with lack of our nation young setters that's why Skra chose Brdović.
1st will be Uriarte, he plays much more time than De Cecco this year in argentinian NT.
Aleksa Brdović in Skra Bełchatów. 4 years contract, 2nd setter.
matteo martino 7 years ago 0
Revan, really? Where could you meet players face to face? Tell me instead of your Simon on the skype. (Yes, contact face to face in life😊
Send me some photos with volleyballers firstly, i can send you too and we'll see who only know players by watching tv.
matteo martino 7 years ago 0
Revan - troll till the end of your pathetic life.
matteo martino 7 years ago -2
Yes, nobody cares what you write. You rather talking about you. You stop insulting people and pretending suddenly saint? It's parody. Look at yourself who you are here and how many coflicts you made here before you give advice for somebody.
matteo martino 7 years ago -2
Look what insult you wrote about Martino under video with him and how many people gave you '' - ''. You're beating record here with getting massive "-", it's your career or something like that.

Talking about psyche is right about Martino, because it's only reason why he isn't volleyball star. I have occassion to see him eye to eye on match and i know what i wrote and many people think that. It's not news.
matteo martino 7 years ago -2
Revan, you really believe in God? Hell - it's rather your place. Too many enemies you have here.
I'm wondering who trolled Matteo Martino under funny video with him, maybe you? Don't you remember?
matteo martino 7 years ago 0
He could be great, but psyche is wrong. We can't do anything.
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