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I'm 5 feet and 9 inches tall.
Josh Barrina 7 years ago 0
Thanks. Me too! Too bad I was way to early for the set to even hit it.
Josh Barrina 7 years ago 0
Thanks! My height is about 5'9 1/2
SF Paai Kau Smash 7 years ago 0
Oh unlike in regular indoor 6man, in nineman it is legal to hold the ball/throw the ball in one motion since there are so many blockers up at the net. Also as a sidenote, the blockers on the net cannot penetrate unlike in regular volleyball, because if they could penetrate, the game would consist of just blocking.
Acuspike Hitting Machine 7 years ago 0
Josh Barrina 7 years ago +1
Its at mens height
Yeah I think that could be a plausible reason why "we" have knee and muscle problems, but you are considering the whole new generation including all the athletes, so we could say the same for the old generation because not everyone is an athlete. I think that our generation has a bunch of talented athletic people, but the whole new generation isn't.
I just turned 19 on April 1st. Yeah I know, I don't play that often as much as I did when I was younger. And they don't hurt all that much, just sometimes, only if I'm constantly playing and jumping.
Yeah I know of the possible injuries that can happen if you have a pretty high vertical. I can already feel my knees hurting more and more every time my vertical gets a little higher, so I am very cautious of the possible injuries I may get from playing. And shoes I play in Nike Zoom Kobes V and VI, they're really lightweight and provide really good ankle and foot lock down and also provide really good cushioning because they were made to be played basketball in
I really don't know what my vertical is, roughly around 40 inches? which is about 101.6 cm? around that area.
Hitting Lines 7 years ago 0
Thanks! Oh the setter usually isn't a setter when he plays, he just set because he wanted to.
Acuspike Hitting Machine 7 years ago -1
This was at the 2011 Girls Far Westerns Tournament in Reno, Nevada. Its in a huge convention center and it had about 50+ courts. I do not own this machine, I only demoed it. You can purchase one from the website
To answer all the questions.
I'm not sure how tall I am in cm but I'm 5'9 1/2.
I play 9man volleyball for Paai Kau Smash from San Fransisco and I play basically every position in the front row except for setter and fast ball.
For indoors I can play all front row positions, but I prefer outside and opposite.
I just turned 19 this month.
I weight about 145 lbs.
I really don't know what my vertical is nor do I know what my reach is.
But I do know now is that when I block I can get my head over the net and when I hit I can get just about chest high when I jump.
Yes the footage of the grass tournament is from Campo, and yes I'm pretty sure you did block me, although I swear I have no footage of it, but you didn't block me all that much, but I admit that you blocked me a few times.