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Most longest? Fix your grammar. :) 

@Volleybox Leon wasn't there the last season, they still reached the finals in the domestic league and the Champions League. Of course, he is a monster, but I really believe that Mikhaylov playing as a receiver is not a wise move as I explained in the video. Maybe they wanted to play him and Poletaev simultaneously in the national team too... It doesn't work and I have huge doubts that this can work at all.

@Volleybox Understood. :)

Can you explain me the logic of the automatic promotion to the homepage - a link with 2 likes being promoted? :)

Nishida is a very good player, but I believe that's for now people overrate him. You can watch this video in order to understand better the concept of efficiency.
@Volleybox I know, but I am happy that it worked
@TidO Actually you can already challenge ball touching the floor.
I think this is because of the fact that there is always video challenge system.
It's a joke, I am pretty surprised that some people take it serious. :D
Why the movie isn't in the homepage?
@PierreF: Butko was back court and set the ball over the tape level. It is a mistake.
Why is it not displayed? What is the problem? - Another movie for Earvin, since the administrators do not want to accept it.
Please, give me an explanation why the movie is not accepted!
There is absolutely nothing wrong in the play. Tip, block, then first touch - Dragan, Micah sets, Sabbi attacks...
Branimir Grozdanov is a Bulgarian, not a Russian!
Actually from 24:20 after the bulgarian side-out by 24:19. 7 consecutive points.
@tele: Very likely to be there.
Can you upload the whole match?

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