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The sets are so fast that when the reception gets off the net the triple block still not coming...
How tall are you??? 7 years ago +1
Age: 16
height: 183cm
spike: 310cm
Block: 300cm
weight: 79kg
position: setter
I was kidding!
I didn´t expected russian player playing soccer to warm! The sport is not popular there and they play it better than me!
Brazil do better! hahaha
What´s the max speed of Clayton Stanley serves at Olympics? Looks like Grozer´s serves are faster!
Matthew Anderson 7 years ago +1
What´s the name of the music?
SESI has a "Brazil Team" in court (Murilo, Sidão, Wallace, Sergio, Sandro the 3rd setter, Rodrigão). Very good players, I don´t know what gonna happen on this championship!
Quadruple Block 7 years ago +2
Whata... ?! Cool, but not allowed by the rules! hehe
Jose Rivera 180° attack 7 years ago +6
Crazy hahaha
The polish tv transmission is the best!
He said: No by other side, because I do not play alone on the court. We have these two games to check the classification, because we want to qualify as here in
Mineirinho. We know the level of rivalry we have between the Americans due to
Olympic final. However, the responsibility is not only mine: is anyone in
court, the Murillo, Bruno, to Bernardo. It will be a tough game as all
What´s the artist of this Umbrella remake?