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MVP & all-stars of the PlusLiga 2021

Nice video, man!

2020: Year in Review on Volleybox

I miss this post. Good significient achievement in 2020. Hope more volleyball lovers will interact with each other with VolleyBox.

Alvi Shurdhi - 2020/21 Highlights, pt.2

High potential player ❤?

[V리그] 20-21시즌 | 대한항공 vs KB손해보험 | 남자배구 (21.01.15)

Unbelievable double aces of No.17 dong hyeok

USA - USSR (highlights)
S…k in USA - USSR (highlights)
2 years ago

Really interesting and fun video to watch, thank you.

What a good quality for 1964, some streamed matches nowadays are worse than that ! ?

Volleyball at the time is at the same time very different and quite similar to today's volleyball. I love how they played with 2 setters and no middle-blockers. The setter could attack on every good reception.

2020/21 Italian Superlega Regular Season- Final Stats and Highs

Blocks/Set ranking
1 Monza Vero Volley 2,49 (88 set)
2 Trento   2,28 (80 set)
3 Perugia   2,26 (78 set)
4 Lube   2,24 (85 set)
5 Milano Power  2,16 (89 set)
6 Ravenna Robur  2,14 (85 set)
7 PiacenzaYou  2,13 (83 set)
8 Verona   2,06 (85 set)
9 Vibo Valentia  1,91 (85 set)
10 Modena   1,9 (82 set)
11 Padova   1,89 (84 set)
12 Latina   1,75 (80 set)

Blocks/Attacks from the opponent, excluding errors
1 Monza Vero Volley 10,5% (2076 opp. att.)
2 Trento   10,2% (1780 opp. att.)
3 Lube   9,5% (1999 opp. att.)
4 Perugia   9,4% (1866 opp. att.)
5 PiacenzaYou  8,8% (2001 opp. att.)
6 Milano Power  8,4% (2298 opp. att.)
7 Ravenna Robur  8,3% (2193 opp. att.)
8 Padova   8,2% (1943 opp. att.)
9 Vibo Valentia  7,9% (2055 opp. att.)
10 Verona   7,8% (2237 opp. att.)
11 Modena   7,7% (2020 opp. att.)
12 Latina   7,5% (1863 opp. att.)

Monza Vero Volley =
Trento   =
Perugia   -1
Lube   +1
Milano Power  -1
Ravenna Robur  -1
PiacenzaYou  +2
Verona   -2
Vibo Valentia  =
Modena   -1
Padova   +3
Latina   =

With a proper ranking, Lube is better than Perugia, Piacenza is better than Ravenna and Milano and Padova is better than Vibo Valentia, Verona and Modena at scoring blocks.

Jenia Grebennikov vs Verva Warszawa Orlen Paliwa

@jais They are truly two of the best on their positions!

Is this football or volleyball?

The Carambula of football ?

Nimir Abdel-Aziz vs Lokomotiv Novosibirsk

@PierreFoucault Hahah no problem thanks for the feedback. I'm still new to this so will be trying different things.

Diego Cantagallie's 46 Points, New Italian Serie A Record

@J.P. He currently has the highest kill percentage among wing hitters in this season of Serie A2, with 52.2%, and is averaging 0.34 blocks/set and 0.41 aces/set(second in the league).

Leo Shoes Modena - Vero Volley Monza (highlights)

@Worldofvolley Federici is the libero in every match for Monza, not Brunetto. There was a match a few days ago with a least 3 errors, but I can't remember which one.

Bruno leaves Taubaté at the end of the season !

@PierreFoucault True that. But I for some reason just don't like it ?

Itas Trentino Volleyball Training

Reminds me of the old training sessions with Malory Eagles in London. Awesome!

Poland - Brazil (highlights)

Volleyball at it's finest!

Vibo-Valentia - Allianz Milano (highlights)

@jais Sherlock has gone to Kosovo haha.

Well yeah, their main weakness this season is their opposite. It's difficult for him to be at the same level than the others.

Men's volleyball dream team 2020

@PierreFoucault i agree about the coach. Baldovin is doing great job but didn't achieve anything yet, so would take Tillie before him. 

Concerning 2nd outside hitter - Bednorz was amazing this year, i chose him too. But now when I'm thinking about it again I would go with Osmany. He's had an amazing season, playin all the games on very top level, being the most important part of amazing Lube team and that's why I think it should be him and Leon the top outside hitters.

Mariusz Wlazły Destroys Skra after 17 Years

That guy is 37 years old and still jumps so high! Really nice to see him play so good.

Itas Trentino - Kioene Padova (highlights)

Vs Tonček Štern*, not Tonec ?

Allianz Milano -  Cucine Lube Civitanova (highlights)

That was quite a surprise for me. Really didn't think that weakened Milano would be able to win a set against Lube. As I could see they played in block extremely well, especially in the second set.

One Leon is not enough? | Volleyball Explained Podcast | Episode 12

@jais He was already a guest (First Tempo, Episode 12), during the first lockdown. :)

Is he going different club?

It's rumoured to happend after this season, so yes

NBV Verona - Allianz Milano (highlights)

Milano can't play without an opposite. It's hard to play with three outside hitters in the line-up. Doesn anyone know when is Patry returning? Anytime soon? Otherwise they will have a very hard time in the play-offs and I doubt they will achieve their goals…

Marlon Yant inicia el año a todo tren

@Sherlock Kovar, when playing, has always been a little passive in my opininion, so Yant indeed does a great job.

Sir Safety Conad Perugia - Itas Trentino (highlights)

Seems to me that Perugia has only Leon and nothing else. I wonder what will the team look like when Atansijević enters his top form. Where was he against Trento?

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