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Bruno Rezende: We have a big chance to defend the title
I wouldn't have expected that after all the gold medals those guys have won for Brazil,the Brazilian media would turn on them after the lost final in Gdansk...They definitely deserve the support of everyone in their country ? We have the same "journalists" - always stirring up trouble and looking for conflict in all kinds of places .This year,during the WL,when one of our players was injured,they were looking for all sorts of reasons for his poor play(completely ignoring the injury) - his mother's health problems,conflict with the coach,they made up a problem with his roommate(cigarette smoke in the room),depression...Now I know it happens even in Brazil,where I thought players had no problems of this nature.I guess it happens everywhere,but that doesn't make me feel better...
Sergey Grankin is out of World Cup 2011
well, that's where volleyball-movies is pretty helpful,isn't it? ?
Pavel Abramov (2nd movie)
Fantastic player
Pavel Abramov
Fadhel Abbas in Pavel Abramov
11 years ago
very good *_*
Nikolay Nikolov 3rd meter spike
nice spike.
TV Amriswil - CS Chenois VB (short cut)
swiss cheese i like
Olympiacos Piraeus - Iraklis Thessaloniki
my coaches brother plays in Greece
Zenit Kazan - Copra Piacenza
Zlatanov very terrible
Volleyball highlights
I liked
Georg Grozer (2nd movie)
Hammer man
Pierre Pujol
Fadhel Abbas in Pierre Pujol
11 years ago
Physically strong
Aleksandar Atanasijević: We have to have some honour to start play like we did in Vienna.
I think you are a bit unfair to him. he's been in Poland only for a few months, plus that he had an injury. you wouldn't say those words if you knew him, it's not his interest to offend the fans. he's not egocentric or conceited at all, he's actually one of the greatest people from volleyball, not only for the fact that he's a good player, but also for being an amazing person.
you feel offended by his words because you are fans of other teams, and that's normal. but he didn't make such a huge mistake: his team is there on the top, we'll see what will happen next.
Dmitriy Muserskiy (2nd movie)
Super tall player
Romain Vadeleux
I want his hair!!
Bulgaria - Russia (SET5)
The last point scored by Vladimir Nikolov
Bulgaria - Russia (SET4)
Semyon Poltavskiy a big star
Joel Despaigne (Documentary)
He's a legend
Poland - Brazil (SET2) 1996
Zagumny seems small in the Age
Russia - China
pearl in Russia - China
11 years ago
It may sound strange, I admit it, but I really do not pay any attention to the players' uniforms (I'm not even able to tell you whether Italy's wearing the same uniforms they had last year or not :D ). I can only say that Italy wears blu shirts, Poland wears red and white ones, Brazil Gold and Green ones, and so on!! :D So if you do that, for me, that means that, yes, you're paying A LOT of attention! But I'm not criticizing you...on the contrary: it's a compliment :)
Alexander Mitrovic's nice plays
That day certainly
William Peixoto Arjona fantastic set
Perfect preparation for the ball
William Peixoto Arjona one-hand block
Such as Pierre Pujol's
Best actions: Cuba - Poland
Hell here
World League 2006 Finals Highlights
Wonderful But a very short
Georg Grozer (6th movie)
He is amazing
just watch what happen.. after WC we should know if Berruto got reason
Semyon Poltavskiy
Fadhel Abbas in Semyon Poltavskiy
11 years ago
omg Performance of the terrifying
Semyon Poltavskiy (2nd movie)
very cool
Luciano De Cecco: We are here to enjoy the volleyball.
JRios You Bet, you lost, I won...maybe next time
Trentino Volley - Zenit Kazan (Highlights)
so.. i'l sit and just wait :D

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