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Powerful Attacks Over The Line


TOP 30 Attacks in 3rd Meter
Jake in TOP 30 Attacks in 3rd Meter
10 months ago

WOW! Amazing & Powerful 3rd Meter kills. Just Wow😱🥰

8 Aces in a Row | Kyle Russell | New Record V-League (South Korea)


Dejan in 2021/22
10 months ago

Iako ova još  nije gotova, Kakvi su planovi za sledeću sezonu? 

TOP 20 Funniest Moments in Volleyball History

that was a very good match!

Audrye Alejandro "Libero #2" (NCAA Highlight)

Elms College “NCAA”  (United State) 

  • Three Years playing for Elms College                                                2017, 2018, & 2019
  • #10 In the Nation “Liberos”                                                                2017
  • NECC Second Team All-Conference                                                  2017
  • NECC Defensive Player of the Year                                                   2017
  • Elms College Freshman Athlete of the Year                                       2017
  • First Player in Elms College to Achieve Defensive Player of the Year  2017
  • Second Player in one season to Achieve 301 Defenses in Elms College 2017
  • Since 2008 Elms didn’t have the chance to be in Conference Finals   2017
  • 3x NECC Final                                                                                     2017, 2018, & 2019
  • Won NECC Conference Championship                                               2018
  • Top #15 in the Nation AVCA Team                                                     2018
  • First Round of NCAA Tournament                                                      2018
  • Top #5 in the Nation Elms College AVCA                                           2019
  • Best Record in the history in Elms College 29-5                                 2019
  • Two Times All-Academic Team Student-Athlete                                2018 & 2019
  • Total Dig Career 689 


#Elmscollege #ncaa

Adrian Gajewski Setter

very nice👍🏼

Poland Defense to Transition

Scouting Videos are great to observe movement of the players and tactics

Taha Sabah Highlight of the first part

Başarılarin devamını diliyorum 

Earvin N'Gapeth | Smartest Player in Volleyball History | IQ 300 Volleyball Player

#EarvinNGapeth is just an UFO, who create a new volleyball move ? Nobody…

Volleyball Nations League 2022

Brasil vs Japon 1er partido para empezar fuerte la VNL

OK Partizan Beograd - OK Radnički Kragujevac

@Dejan Agreed. You don't see much fifth sets going to 27-25 (in fact, a lot of regular ones finish at 25 ?)

Volleyball 4 to 4 Spike

My moderno dong dist

Osmany Juantorena - the greatest volleyball player of all time

It's very simple. It is designed to be the best in the world. From Santiago de Cuba and for the world.

Bolu Belediye 0   Fenerbahçe OPET 3

Mina Popoviç probably MVP of match

Micah Christenson
Haris Alam in Micah Christenson
1 year ago

We need your support, Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: The Volleyball

Kubiak vs Urnaut
Zenon_Jasny in Kubiak vs Urnaut
1 year ago


Big referee mistake in match Poland - Russia

najlepszy trener na świecie :)

The most epic and longest tie break in Olympic Games

Ooops, video is removed from Youtube. I should have downloaded this way earlier. Such a shame!

Edit: Better, I found and added the full replay of the match:

Eurovolley 14 men roster unveil for France.

@Sherlock oops? secret exposed.

France prepares for Eurovolley 2021. 18 men roster unveiled.

Félicitations encore pour le max d émotions données pendant les jeux olympiques ☆ ?

Bonne préparation pour le tournoi européen 

On est  derrière vous la team yavbou?????

Bienvenue les murs de Belfort

@Sherlock It's very much a “collegiate” team. As in USA volleyball decided to bring in some University players for experience. I am unsure why they decided to use this team, because the NORCECA championship is the qualifying tournament for the World Championship next year in Russia. But, twelve places will be allocated to top twelves not yet qualified teams of FIVB World Ranking and USA being the highest ranking NORCECA team in worlds and they are top 5 teams currently on the rankings, top 3 excluding Russia and Poland, they don't really need to worry about the qualification of 2022 Worlds Championships.

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Hi. Whoever is reporting the FIVB rumor links, please stop. If the user Alex Robertson is posting them, they are fine.

please report any guest users posting transfers with that link, those are fake. 

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