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Marlon Yant inicia el año a todo tren

@Sherlock Kovar, when playing, has always been a little passive in my opininion, so Yant indeed does a great job.

Sir Safety Conad Perugia - Itas Trentino (highlights)

Seems to me that Perugia has only Leon and nothing else. I wonder what will the team look like when Atansijević enters his top form. Where was he against Trento?

NBV Verona - Allianz Milano (highlights)

Really glad to see Urnaut in such a good form! 26 points with 49 % in attack (25/51), huge stats. Ishikawa solid stats with 15 points, while Maar was under his regular form (5 pts, 26 %). Piano (5 blks) and Kozamernik very good. I didn't watch the whole match, so I don't know what was the reason Milano lost, can someone tell? Was it due to bad performance in the ending of the set?

On the other side, I have to say I'm impressed with Jensen, he is really contributing to the team's offense (21 pts, 50%). Jaeschke was on a very high attacking level (18 pts, !!68%!!), while Kaziyski astonishes me every match. With his 36 years he is still soooo atletic, jumps so high, attacks over the block, amazing!

Vibo-Valentia - Kioene Padova (highlights)

@Sherlock Yes, Rossard and DeFalco are great this season

Argentina - France (highlights)

@Worldofvolley This is amazing, congratulations for you work !

@DanielUliseDraghici oh about that, somebody already did thanks anyway that's really nice of you!

Volleyball first person - Setter & Wing Spiker

Great perspective. It feels like to be part of the game while watching the video. 

Well done?

Greetings from Austria

NBV Verona - Gas Sales Piacenza (highlights)

@komeylamini This game was a pending match, so new players couldn't play

Yuji Nishida in season 2020/2021

that's nice looks really fun




Itas Trentino - Cucine Lube Civitanova (highlights)

@Sherlock Yeah i can see why you would say that, that's AWESOME!

Vibo-Valentia - Sir Safety Conad Perugia (highlights)

Leon - the serving crush cannon. Again and again, unbelievable.

Bartosz Bednorz vs BR Volleys

Great job!

Huseyin Batuhan
KRISTINA REICH in Huseyin Batuhan
2 years ago

@HuseyinBatuhanDuman no problem:)

Consar Ravenna - Cucine Lube Civitanova (highlights)

@Sherlock This is a match from one year ago… ?

Douglas Souza in match Brazil - Serbia


Itas Trentino - Vibo Valentia (highlights)

@Sherlock The chemistry was seen yesterday in the game against Perugia, it's very nice. Too bad, they didn't win.

He could be a dangerous serve substitute and also in times of crisis, that's right. Btw, Cester has a killer floater, his serves are very good.

Thanks for info.

Rado Stoychev angry with Matey Kaziyski!

@jais Yep, they are more than 10 - Stoychev, Heynen, Giani, Giuliani, Placi, Plamen Konstantinov…

Yuji Nishida 42 points in a single game

@Worldofvolley Perfect, thanks !

Allianz Milano - Gas Sales Piacenza (highlights)

@jais Yes it was a weird game!

How to organize the attack, when the reception is not good?

@jais  I was thinking some time how to name it - znak reception, at the third meter is too technical for a name. I decided to be “not good”, because in terms of stats it's still not good like the + or perfect (#) reception. But you are totally right, the today's class of players znak reception became acceptable. Maybe for totally negative my video Art of the Second Attack with Javier Webber will be useful.

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