Viktor Yosifov in The Olympics 2012

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Highlights of Viktor Yosifov playing in The Olympics 2012. He shows his talent and proves to be one of the best middle-blockers in that tournament, leading her team to the 4th place. He began play professionally in 2006 for Bulgarian club: Cherno Varna VC where he played up until 2009 year. He has played for team: M. Roma Volley, Pallavolo Modena, Castellana Grotte, VfB Fredrichshafen. He is a player of Nizhny Novgorod. Yosifov won bronze medals with the national team in the European Championship 2009.
Viktor Yosifov

Viktor Yosifov Bulgaria

Height: 204cm
Weight: 100kg
Spike: 350cm
Block: 340cm
Current club: Vero Volley Monza (Italy)
Oleg_Silenok Челябинск, Russia

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raylightBG 3131
4 years ago
Very clever player, may be the third in that list after Matey Kaziyski and Vladimir Nikolov /and Plamen Konstantinov, but he doesn't play anymore/ for Bulgaria