Few records on Volleybox in August 2020

1 year ago

Few records on Volleybox in August 2020: https://volleybox.net/fanclubs/discussion/several-website-records-broken-in-august-2020-1541

Thank you all for being part of this website!

dnel17PE 1
1 year ago

@Volleybox please, could you correct the Russian roster of the recent European championship U17 2020? https://women.volleybox.net/women-european-championships-u17-2020-o10684

Gorbatyuk, Protopopova, Kapralova, and Sergeeva are not part of this tournament. Artyukhina, Popova, Sabitova and Khabibrakhmanova are the ones who participated. https://www.cev.eu/Competition-Area/MatchPage.aspx?mID=38897&ID=1200&CID=6873&PID=1937

Volleybox 466
1 year ago

@dnel17 @Sherlock could you fix it?

S…k 749
1 year ago

@Volleybox It's done

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