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Volleyball Raiffeisen Waldviertel Team

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Team data

Ranking 472
Ranking in 2020 79
Country Austria
Town Arbesbach
Founded 1990
Views 8652
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Historical names

  • SG Arbesbach
  • SG Union Volleyball Arbesbach/Doebling
  • Union Arbesbach
  • Union Raiffaisen Waldviertel
  • Union Raiffeisen Arbesbach
  • Union Raiffeisen Waldviertel
  • Union Volleyball Raiffeisen Arbesbach
  • WEB Arbesbach/Doebling
Anonymously 3 weeks ago
People / team
Social / benefits
Development opportunity
Medical care
Anonymously becouse im sure people from this club gona lie about me just becouse i had the ,balls' to say how it is there . They show me few times how manipulative and bad they can be . I think those peaople dont deserve to have this club. AVOID IF YOU CAN!!!
  • They are never late with the salary
  • the region is beautiful and safe
  • Amateur team in lot terms .
  • Team Manager doesent speak english .thinks only about the fans doesent care much about players .
  • Team Manager also very manipulative and blindly believes whatever coach says to him .
  • Old school coach with not much knowledge about volleyball.
  • Coach favors those players that never ask questions and this can ruin the atmosfere
  • 10-11 maximum players during practise and games makes it very hard to compete
  • over 50 games during the season
  • not good physiotherapy . did i mention over 50 games ?
  • traveling with two small buses ON GAME DAY !
  • the club doesent provide food during travels
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