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Welcoming Russia in opening ceremony of World Champs 2014

2014-08-30 22:11 3201 views
62000 Polish fans showed their frustration about war in the eastern Ukraine initiated by Russia when Russian flag was entering the National Stadium in Warsaw.
Date: 30.08.2014
Place: "National Stadium", Warsaw (POL)
Kind of tournament: World Championships 2014

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Vovin RU 4 years ago
What should Russia to do? To involve regular army, force to peace and bomb capital of country? Like it was in Yugoslavia and NATO army bombed Belgrad. Ukranian army bombing own people (but they think this is just russians), but everybody concerned about presense of russian army there.
Sorry, sport should be without politics.
pio89 PL 4 years ago
I was there.. The whistle was much more louder than on the tv.. I think we shoudn't mix politics with sport.. Like it was in Kraków Arena when Poland played with Russia..
raylight BG 4 years ago
I would like to see the whole ceremony too. I don't think Poland should say sorry. People are right that here is not the place for such talks, though
robj3 PL 4 years ago
Polish fans didn't show frustration about war because they were not there like Russian in eastern Ukraine.
johnson123 PL 4 years ago
Poland says ,,sorry". Next time do not confuse politics to sport. Once again ,,Sorry".
xyz PL 4 years ago
Russians are good people but their politics is sick. You are important part of volleyball this is why I am ashamed. You have never been welcomed like that in our country on halls, I'm recalling memorial Hubert Wagner week ago, you were welcomed warmly without any whistling. In this opening ceremony bought ticket people who probably first was at volleyball match because there is lack of volleyball traditions in our capital city so public behaved another. On the other hand, the life is life, you must accept with such situations while Russians fighting with Ukrainians, all people who represent Russia are welcomed by whistling, I'm recalling Eurovision in Denmark, public welcomed you the same.
zver PL 4 years ago
OMG.... this is sport not politics... Sorry russian friends.
crespito UA 4 years ago
But, it's fair, putin said that no russian soldiers or technics in Ukraine, but it's so a lot you can't imagine. They don't want that we live like normal European country, they want us to leave like them in total lies and poverty.
andyz US 4 years ago
politics shouldn't intervene with sports. period
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 4 years ago
Put all the teams or the whole ceremony please
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