When Beach Volley meet Volleyball

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Edouard Rowlandson came in his last club indoor ( Arago de Sete ) to show his new team: Volley RK (Edouard Rowlandson and Youssef Krou, former player of AS Cannes). After season 2011/12 Edouard left Arago de Sete and started his career in beach volleyball. In last year he was playing with Andy Ces. Edouard and Youssef will play in European Championships in June in Rome. In the first quarter-final Sete lost 3:1 in Paris. In revenge they lost too 3:1. Paris advanced to the semi-final against Chaumont (first match will be played in Saturday).
2014-04-14-22-00, French Ligue A 2013/14 quarterfinal - 2nd match
rowlandsonkrou Montpellier, France

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rowlandsonkrouFR 2
5 years ago
That's true Kooba... But not only.
KoobaPL 27
5 years ago
maybe money is not everything
Wilfredo_is_MarshallRS 4490
5 years ago
Why did he switch to beach, isn't there more money with indoor volleyball?