Why Bruno deserved a red card?

2019-01-07 09:19
Why Bruno Rezende clearly deserved a red card in the match between Lube Civitanova and Calzedonia Verona? 832 views
rkk, Wamberto likes it.
2019-01-06-17-15, Italian Serie A1 2018/19 regular season - 16th round
Eurosuole Forum, Civitanova Marche

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rkk BG 2 months ago
It's a joke, I am pretty surprised that some people take it serious.
Volleybox PL 2 months ago
@rkk: Just a clickbait
Pierre Foucault FR 2 months ago
@VolleyballMovies: Haha I don't know there are some weird rules in volley-ball and our latest opponent received a red card for basically nothing
Pierre Foucault FR 2 months ago
Does he really deserve a red card for this ? I mean, is there something in the rules which is about a sort of "dangerous play" in volley-ball ?


rkk Sofia, Bulgaria

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