World League 2011 Final Eight Highlights (Slow motion)

2012-03-18 12:35
Great sensation in World League 2011! Nice movie presents shots in slow motion by Polish TV: Polsat Sport. Guys of Vladimir Alekno played great volleyball. Russia won the World League after long 9 years, its the second World league trophy for the Russian team. Let's celebrate one more time with Vladimir Alekno and his players. See amazing video with only the best players in the world. Russia was the best team of this edition of World League losing only one game in a group. Murilo didn't have his day and Giba couldn't do miracles by himself. Brazil won the first set, but after the change of Russian setters the match was fully in the hands of Russian team. Many mistakes on serve allowed Brazil to win the fourth set, but in the tie-break team of Russia national team won 15:11. 3197 views
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Men World League 2011
World League 2011
Date: 2011-05-27 - 10.07.2011
Final Classification:
1. Russia 2. Brazil
3. Poland 4. Argentina
5. Bulgaria 6. Italy
7. USA 8. Cuba
9. Serbia 10. Finland
11. Germany 12. France
13. South Korea 14. Portugal
15. Japan 16. Puerto Rico

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przemek16 PL 6 years ago
tak swoją drogą dziś miałem okazję oglądać na Polsacie Sport News jeden z meczów półfinałowych World Tour Kobiet, który w od środy rozgrywany jest w Brazylii, i zobaczyłem kilka wolnych ujęć slow motion Także myślę, że Brazylijczycy wprowadzą te ujęcia także na halę, pierwsze efekty już są, co prawda na plaży i znacznie mnie było ich, bo chyba 15 na cały mecz Ciekawe czy Polsat jeszcze zastosuje powtórki slow motion, bo po LŚ jakoś wszystko ucichło
Questo PL 7 years ago
very good
supporteurs PL 7 years ago
it shows how beautifull game is volleyball
przemek16 PL 7 years ago
Maybe someone made ​​a better movie and thinks that this is worse
eRKa PL 7 years ago
ok, now I know all these clips by heart
bitka PL 7 years ago
i have no bloody idea why 2 people gave you minuses...!
RenanZ BR 7 years ago
Haven't this video already been uploaded before? With another song, I guess...
kuba9426 PL 7 years ago
yeah xD
raylight BG 7 years ago
Great job
Great humility, kuba
kuba9426 PL 7 years ago
F*cking great Polish TV xD extra slow motion and nice quality- only in Poland xD
Nagor PL 7 years ago
1:18 like in horrors
fadel BH 7 years ago
Well done
Great vid


przemek16 Jarocin, Poland