Zawkrze Mława 2013/14

WITAM 2014-06-02 • 4686 views • 2
Zawkrze Mława's young players in action. Video from Polish Second League. Most of them are 95' 94' 93' fighting with older players! They finished 10th place of that season.

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SomeonePL 896 10
6 years ago
DJ Nelson się załapał :) Zasięg ma jak na drugą ligę. You can see DJ Nelson playing. He was preparing to play in one of the Plusliga teams, but soon it turned out that his transfer is a misconception. To be clear he is good in terms of third class league in Poland.
Wilfredo_is_MarshallRS 4448 20
6 years ago
What jersey color is the young team?

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