Zenit Kazan - Dynamo Moscow (short cut)

2012-12-27 11:53
Excellent video made official channel: Zenit Kazan TV. Yesterday's battle between Russian champion (Zenit Kazan) and Cev Cup winner (Dynamo Moscow). Zenit Kazan and Dynamo Moscow advanced to the semi-final in Russian Cup 2012. Dynamo without Sergey Grankin and Pavel Kruglov (from the beginning of the match) lost this game 1:3. Best player in Zenit Kazan was Yury Berezhko with 16 points (69% in attack). See his interview on 2:24. See also full match on Volleyball-Movies: http://www.volleyball-movies.net/zenit-kazan-dynamo-moscow-full-match-m6222
Date: 26.12.2012
Place: "Sports Palace Cosmos", Belgorod (RUS)
Match: Zenit Kazan - Dynamo Moscow 3:1 (Group A)
Kind of tournament: Russian Cup 2012 Final Six
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bitka PL 6 years ago
Didn't he have knee's operation after Olympics?
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago
Why doesn't Volkov play?


luck191 Turek, Poland

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