Austrian actions in match Austria - Slovenia

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Highlights with the best actions by Austria NT in match between Austria and Slovenia in European Championships 2011. The best players in match was: Alan Sket. After a splendid opening ceremony attended also by Austria’s Chancellor: Werner Faymann, the hosts got finally the chance to play in front of an almost full house with 6000 spectators who found their way to the "Wiener Stadthalle" hall. The home side quickly showed some problems in defense. Slovenia, bronze medalist from this year’s European League took control of the game. “We had a difficult start as the boys were evidently nervous” says Austria’s coach Michael Warm. "However, starting from mid of set 1 we displayed some good actions". On the press conference Veselin Vukovic (coach of Slovenia) added: “I have to congratulate my Austrian colleague as he has been building up a good team. I am happy with the result as this is the first win for our country at the final round of the European Champs. My players were able to control their nerves in all critical situations, also in set 2 where Zass served 5 aces."

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