Break from the volleyball Aleksa Brdović

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 Break from the volleyball Aleksa Brdović

Serbian setter Alex Brdjović this season is not able to help his country. Absence in the 24-year-old playmaker surprised many retinue fans. It turned out that this athlete has health problems and it is quite serious. Studies have shown that the volleyball player suffers from cardiac arrhythmias that prevent him from playing volleyball. 

The health-career has struggled for some time, but was initially thought to have been affected by a demanding Russian league on the weaker young Serba. Recall that this volleyball player was in Gazprom Jugra Surgut. However, the research showed that there is a source of trouble, namely, that Alexa Brdjović suffers from cardiac arrhythmias and that volleyball is therefore excluded. "This is a very difficult situation for me, but I deeply believe that soon everything will be well and in a few months I will be able to start training again," admits Alex Brdjović. - My heart beat was beaten twice, my heart rate was 168 beats per minute. Doctors absolutely do not give me green light and I fully understand their decision. I have to rest at least until mid-October, after which I will have a check-up study and we will see what the situation is - says Brdjović, who recalled playing in the past in the colors of PGE Skry Bełchatów and Gazprom Jugra Surgut.

Aleksa Brdjović was expected to be a competitor for Arkasa Izmir in the 2017/2018 season, but in connection with the situation, the club decided to terminate the contract with the player. - I was in Izmir and I met friendly friends from my forbidden club. When they saw the results of the study, they found that there was nothing to risk. I understand this and it is logical that the contract was terminated. However, if there is still such a chance, then I would definitely like to play Arkasa, "admits Brdjović. It is said to be replaced by his teammate - Nikola Jovović.

In this uncomfortable situation for him, Brdjović can count on supporting his teammates and the entire staff. - Doctor Ljuban Martinovic is in constant contact with me. Coach Nikola Grbić and his teammates support me very much and thank them for the warm words that make a lot of sense to me. I will certainly be supporting them during the European Championships and it would be great if they won the medal because this team can afford it, as he showed last year in Cracow, "concluded Brdjović. Let us remind you that Serbia and Reds will face the inauguration of the European Championships, next to Nikola Jovovic in the World League competition, Maksim Buculjević from ACH Volley Ljubljana will play in the World Championships and will also be on the Old Continent.


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