Quick News: Italy destroyed Germany, Slovenian revenge.

John Suen 2021-09-16 • 920 visualizzazioni

[16 Sept]

Italy destroyed Germany in 3, Grozer was substituted early on the game, after not able to scored in the first set. Linus Weber come in the opposite slot for Germany. Italy was able to hold the serves from Germany and Germany was not able to score a point on service. Germany in the past games was able to score through service, 4 aces against Croatia, 8 aces against Estonia, 10 aces against France, 13 aces against Latvia,  9 aces against Slovakia and  9 aces against Bulgaria, which might be ultimately the down fall of Germany's poor performance in the game. Germany only have one attacker scored over double digit, Mortiz Karlitzek scored 11 points with 11 attacks at 38.1% attack efficiency. Italy on the other hand did really great in this game, even though the middles blockers barely got any sets in this game, the wing players from Italy was able to held their place. The Unicorn of volleyball, Alessandro Michieletto, was the best scorer of the match. Even at 7 foot/ 212 cm tall, he is an excellent receiver and attacker. He scored 13 points with 11 attack at 52.9% attacking efficiency. one block and one ace. Pinali on the other also have a great game, scoring very efficiently without errors as well. The young Italian team will face the experienced and reigning European champions Serbia, in the quest for the ultimate redemption and surprise of this national team season.

Slovenia in the quest of finding their way back to the final, after their revenge against their pool phase opponent Czech Republic. Toncek Stern, the top scorer of the match hitting very high efficiency with 17 attacks, one block and one ace.  Slovenia is the better team today, after losing to Czech Republic in the pools stage, managed to score much more efficiently then Czech.


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