Quick News: Round of 16 begins, Russian and Poland succeed to Quartfinals.

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[12 Sept]

The first round of 16 match began in Gdansk as teams from Tampere, Finland arrived. Russia won against Ukraine after losing the first set of the game. Ukraine was very resilience through out the match, but they were unable to maintain their lead in the game and lost to Russia. Russia has been shaking through out the tournament, but they were able to fight through the games. Statistically, Russia was out blocked by Ukraine, 7 to 10, but Russia out served Ukraine, 8 to 4. The best scorer of the match is Kliuka, scored 21 points with 15 attacks at 30 percent attacking efficiency, with 2 blocks and 4 aces. Ukraine was able to crack through the Russia defense, only hitting at 28% efficiency team wise.

Poland on the other crushed Finland in 3 set very convincingly. Finland was unable to receive well with huge serve from the Polish team. Poland out hit, out block and out served Finland by quite a large margin. Especially with Poland hit at around 48.4% attack efficiency verse Finland's 4.48% attacking efficiency. 10 times more effective in terms of attack. The best scorer of the match Leon, scoring 9 attacks at 66.6% attacking efficiency with 2 blocks and 3 ace. None of the Finnish players break double digit. 

Russia will face Poland next, the two European giants will fight it out in the quarterfinals. Russia is better serving team against Poland, scoring 54 aces against 44 aces and they are serving on average 2.3 ace per set against 2 aces per set. However, Poland is better in attack, block and reception. Poland attack success rate is similar with Russia success rate, however, Poland is able to score more efficiently, 4% higher in attacking efficiency. Also, Poland is able to block more than Russia, with 3.2 block points per set verse 2.7 block point per set. The key player for Poland would be their second outside hitter behind  Leon. Although Kubiak has been starting through the European championship, Kubiak has been amongst the worst attackers in the tournament attack at 11.6% attacking efficiency and scoring 1.71 attack per set. Even though he brought in his reception and defense to the game, Kubiak will face against a traditionally huge team Russia. Will Kubiak be enough to forge ahead with Poland against Russia. For Russia, they will have to improve their reception and attacking efficiency. Although they are able to get away with playing at a mediocre level throughout the pool phase and Ukraine, it is clear that Russia has to turn on another gear to fight against Poland, especially Poland is a very strong serving team. None of the Russian players on aggregate have hit over 40% attacking efficiency. This will be one of the most intense match up, after Poland verse Serbia.

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