Sir Safety Conad Perugia - Allianz Milano (highlights)

World of volley 2021-03-21 • 1585 visualizzazioni • 1

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Best actions of this awesome game between «Sir Safety Connad Perugia» and «Power Volley Milano» from Italy Superlega Playoff Quarterfinal Game 3 (21.03.2021)

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Perugia starter roster:
Thij Ter Host
Dragan Travica
Wilfredo Leon
Oleg Plotnytskyi
Sebastian Sole
Fabio Ricci
Massimo Colaci (L)

Milano starter roster:
Jan Kozamernik
Yuki Ishikawa
Jean Patry
Riccardo Sbertoli
Matteo Piano
Tine Urnaut
Nicola Pesaresi (L)

#WilfredoLeon #YukiIshikawa #TineUrnaut #ThijsTerHorst 

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