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At, for example:

The Japan Staff for that Squad is --in reality-- different than the Staff for the Japan Squad who worked at

I can't delete the staffs who did not participate in the AVC Cup, and when I add the staffs who did work the AVC Cup they get added to the staffs for the VNL

Specifically, among others, Akira Koshiya was the Head Coach for the AVC Cup and Masayoshi Manabe was not involved. The reverse is true for the VNL (and upcoming WCh) Masayoshi Manabe is the Head Coach and Akira Koshiya is not involved

Is there a solution to this I'm unaware of?

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I had the same problem too, with the Pan Am Cup (and other non-A team competitions). 

I couldn't find a solution other than just leaving the main staff as is. 

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@avid I can't remember for sure, but I think 2 or 3 years ago we had the same issue with the players. We couldn't change them. Now we can

I may be wrong about that but if a solution was made for players, maybe we can do the same for staffs

I do understand why it is the way it is, tho, and how it can get gamed if we allow for changes

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This cannot be solved without introducing B teams. Players are associated with tournaments as per-event assignments, but staffs are associated with teams as employments.

Currently B team is only being tested for Poland it appears. 

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You can't. I asked this question before. The problems is teams are used under same name. so same data is attached.

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Same problem. That's why the points gained by players is not accurate.

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