Cristian Savani in match Valentia - Macerata (7 aces)

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7 aces scored by Cristian Savani on Sunday 10th March in the last match in regular season of Italian Serie A. The Italian current champion won with Vibo Valentia in four sets. Savani scored 16 points, but in that match he wasn't so effective (he has just 29% efficiency in attack). He scored just 6 points by spikes. From the other side the best scorer was Tine Urnaut with 15 points. Lube Banca Macerata and Andreoli Latina or Altotevere Volley will fight with each other for quarter-finals. Four teams will play in Pre-playoffs (tomorrow the first duels between the teams classified on the 7th - 10th places). Next video made by scouts of Lube Banca Macerata: Enrico Massaccesi and Roberto Taddei.

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MichalPL 493 10
11 лет тому назад
Nice to see he's already in good physical shape after the injury, not so happy news for Trentino though.

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