Itas Trentino - Vibo Valentia (highlights)

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Trentino starter roster:
Ricardo Lucarelli 
Alessandro Michieletto
Dick Kooy
Nimir Abdel-Aziz 
Marko Podraščanin
Srećko Lisinac 
Salvatore Rossini (L)

Vibo-Valentia starter roster:
Barthelemy Chinenyeze
Aboubacar Drame Neto
Davide Saitta
Thibault Rossard
Torey Defalco
Enrico Cester
Marco Rizzo (L)

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S…k 717 16
vor 3 Jahre

Really weird to see Nimir playing again as a setter after his rise to become one of the best opposites in the world. Nice to see Michieletto play the entire match.

Yet another very good match from Vibo Valentia, they are strong contenders this year, and they will be joined by Julien Lyneel when he will be on top of his form !

jaisSI 205 8
vor 3 Jahre

@Sherlock It really is very weird to see Nimir on setter. But he played quite a good match, I would say. It's hard to play against Vibo even with a full starting six, but with totally different starting six as usual they played quite well. Nice system, nice performance.

They sure are a contender. Do you think it's a good idea to put Lyneel in the starting six and replace a vital part of the squad such as DeFalco? It might influence the system or the chemistry… It's just such a risk I think to try to change things, because every detail counts. And if the current situation works why change it?

jaisSI 205 8
vor 3 Jahre

@Sherlock How is Lyneel's form though? Was he injured? I mean how is that, that he is not playing?

S…k 717 16
vor 3 Jahre

@jais We can see that he clearly had some difficulties on his sets though, and that's pretty normal. Unique experience also for UniTrento' setter Filippo Pizzini who played some points with the A team in the second set.

Well, I don't think Lyneel will sneak into the starting six because it works so well, but if DeFalco or Rossard has a low moment in a match, he could be an brilliant substitute. Also, he has an arduous serve so he can't take Chinenyeze's or Cester's place on serve because theirs are quite weak.

He actually had a recurrent injury last year with Jastrzebski Wegiel last year and he wanted to take his time first because of the difficult situation to see more clearly, but also to have a full recovery with his knee. That was his choice not to find a club early in the season.

jaisSI 205 8
vor 3 Jahre

@Sherlock The chemistry was seen yesterday in the game against Perugia, it's very nice. Too bad, they didn't win.

He could be a dangerous serve substitute and also in times of crisis, that's right. Btw, Cester has a killer floater, his serves are very good.

Thanks for info.

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