Orientales - Capitalinos (part 2)

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The most interesting match between Orientales and Capitalinos collected in several movies. Only best players play there: Wilfredo Leon, Robertlandy Simon Aties, Keibir Gutierrez, Fernando Hernandez, Yoandri Díaz and many more... Baseball, boxing and volleyball are the most popular sports in Cuba.
Post Revolutionary Cuba prides itself on its success in sports. What the Revolution has done for sports in Cuba can be summed up by the phrase “Sport for All.” Fidel Castro believes that sports should be “the right of the people,” not the right of the wealthy. He compared Pre-Revolutionary and Post-Revolutionary Cuba by explaining that while before only the wealthy could enjoy sports, now everyone can enjoy sports. The Cuba is communist country. Their leader: Fidel Castro. Until they stay with that politics and that regime, don't expect to see the cuban players abroad. They can run away like some examples in Seria A , but they can't come back to see their families... I really think will be very difficult for them to play outside the country, unless the full regime change their thinking. Other parts of that match in the related movies.

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