Jean Patry in CEV Tokyo European Qualifications 2020

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Jean Patry has certainly come a long way since his debut in the French senior national team in 2017. His consistent performance in the European Olympic qualification earns him the title of the MVP of the tournament. 

Jean Patry began his senior debut in the 2017 in a friendly match against Japan. Even though the retirement of Antonin Rouzier left the starting opposite position wide open, Jean Patry has great competition with his youth national team team member Stephen Boyer. Both with similar experience, and skilled but Boyer was definitely favoured over Patry.

In one of the interview prior traveling to his first ever overseas club season to Top volley Latina, Patry express that he has have struggled with his serve. A mental block 6 years ago causes him to struggle with the ball tose to execute a spike serve. Despite the struggle return and slightly impacted his serve during the season, he has been working with mental coach to continue improve the situation.

Watch the full interview here:

Here comes the important part of the conversation. 

The Olympic qualifiers.

Certainly the most thriller experience for Team Yavbou, three of the players missing from the roster, including two of the Olympians Trevor Clevenot and Thibault Rossard along with Stephen Boyer. Many disregarded France a second chance of making their second consecutive run in the Olympics. Jean Patry certain has to play a bigger role on the team, as Boyer is not available as a substitute for the opposite position and Julien Winkelmuller as a new comer of team and did not get a lot of play time on court. 

France made it through the finals and won the game in a convincing 3:0 against Germany to take the ticket to Tokyo. Jean Patry's performance certain has made a mark, even without their starting Opposite Boyer, scoring 20 plus points on every game that he started on and he is the highest scorer overall in the tournament.

Coming into the 2021 national team season, Boyer's return certain will heat the competition amongst the 1996 born Opposites and it certainly benefits team Yavbou going into the 2021 Olympics games.

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Jean Patry

Jean Patry Franciaország

Születési dátum: 1996-12-27
Poszt: Feladó átló
Magasság: 207cm
Testsúly: 94kg
Ütés magasság: 357cm
Blokk magasság: 334cm
Aktuális klub: Jastrzębski Węgiel (Poland)

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