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Statistician for Danish VolleyLigaen team VK Vestsjælland and Danish youth national teams

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European Championship U20 Qualification 2024 is incorrect.

The Teams and results are for the zonal BVA qualification.

The European Championship U20 Qualification 2024 starts in april

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Andy Khang Lam3 mesi fa 728 1
Andy Khang Lam
5 anni fa
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How to add a new beach volley tournament? CEV Beach Volleyball Continental Cup
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Andy Khang Lam5 anni fa 374 1
In the mens European tournaments there is a duplicate CEV Beach Volleyball Continental Cup, and it should be moved to beach tournaments.
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Andy Khang Lam5 anni fa 408 0
Just a suggestion. In awards, can you put a dream team on? Like Best outside hitters, middle blockers etc.
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Andy Khang Lam5 anni fa 348 0
I'm trying to add a match to European Championships Qualifications 2019. Denmark - Romania that was played 9th january 2019. But it says 'Date is out of tournament's date range.'
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Andy Khang Lam5 anni fa 363 1

Can't add/edit rankings in beach tournament #NEVZAZonalTourEventGothenburg2023 #NEVZAZonalTourEventGothenburg2023 

2023-11-05 2 1010 1010 1 min di lettura
Andy Khang Lam6 mesi fa 1010 2

How do you add placement matches? 5th place matches to 10th place etc.?

2023-03-20 6 1185 1182 1 min di lettura
Andy Khang Lam1 anno fa 1182 6

Hi in the Womens Danish Volleyligaen 2022/23 a team has withdrawed from the tournament (Amager VK).. I was able to remove the team. But I can't delete the matches.

Why can't I do that? I am added as Administrator of that league

2022-08-04 1 1843 1841 1 min di lettura
Andy Khang Lam1 anno fa 1841 1

I can't add Staff member experience for both Men and Women team. Only Men teams for male staff and Women teams for female staff

#coach #sportssupportstaff

2020-04-18 2 2073 2068 1 min di lettura
Andy Khang Lam4 anni fa 2068 2
[Fixed] How do I edit tournament?

Hi I just added a tournament. But discovered it's a 2 group tournament. How can I add groups to tournaments or change the name?

Also added a Beach tournament, but it ended up in men's club tournaments . How to move that?


Also what's up... Mostra altro

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Andy Khang Lam4 anni fa 2007 3
NEVZA U19 2023 | Arctic Volley Rovaniemi


From Friday 27th to Sunday 29st October the North European Volleyball Zonal Association (NEVZA) Under 19 Championships will take place at Santasport and Rovaniemi (Ounasrinne) sports halls in Rovaniemi, Finland. The tour... Mostra altro

2023-10-28 0 176 167
Andy Khang Lam7 mesi fa 167 0