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Vital Heynen you don't know Other Coach of Polish national team in the unique interview. He talks about what fascinates him in the brain, reveals his ways to relax, talks about raising daughters and a list of things that he would like…
Tell me a Story | Why Kaziyski left the Bulgarian nationa… Other Why Matey Kaziyski left the Bulgarian national team? Look at the video and tell me your opinion about the abuses of the Bulgarian volleyball federation. https://www.voll…
Volleyball Explained: Blocking Other Blocking is one of the five main elements in volleyball. What are the most important things we shall know about blocking? Enjoy the video! Visit which organized this brilliant c…
Timeout: Plamen Konstantinov Other Plamen Konstantinov was the head coach of the Bulgarian national team (men) for four years and his instructions were always colorful. Enjoy
Vital Heynen - master of challenge Extraoridinary coach Vital Heynen is showed many times on TV when he is making characteristic "C" or fighting with referees. "I'm good at challenge. Everybody knows that, but the better was a yellow …
Moment of silence for Miguel Angel Falasca before Poland - Serbia Volleyball players from Poland and Serbia paid homage to Miguel Angel Falasca, who died on Saturday. An outstanding volleyball player and coach died at the age of 46. He was born in Argentinian Mendo…
World Volleyball Coaches Show 2019 Other This year's World Volleyball Coaches Show 2019 will take place in Ostrava, Czech Republic (15-16 June). Speakers will Javier Weber, Massimo Barbolini and Marian Jelinek!
50 Coaching Tips by Mark Lebedew 50 coaching tips by experienced Australian coach: Mark Lebedew.
Timeout: Radostin Stoychev Other The first episode of the new series "Timeout" is devoted to Radostin Stoychev and some of his best tactical (and not only) instructions and remarks! Enjoy! *Slash means when by receiving the ball goe…
Volleyball Explained: Secrets of Reception Other According to the opinion of Karch Kiraly a volleyball team needs three skills to be efficient in reception: a decent system; players who are good mechanically and players who can read the game well en…
Roberto Piazza Online Course Set & Attack Other Roberto Piazza will present you setting fundamentals in accordance with attack from youth volleyball players to adults. He demonstrates his know how gained in more than 20 years of experience with fam…
Roberto Piazza and Reception Other Roberto Piazza was speaker at World Volleyball Coaches Show and one of his topics was reception in volleyball. He expressed his points of view how to receive in volleyball from youth to adult players.
Emotion Service: Bernardo Rezende Other This episode of Emotion Service is about Bernardo Rezende - Bernardinho, one of the most passionate coaches in the history of volleyball.
Volleyball Explained: The secrets of the time-out Other What should a coach do during a time-out? What shouldn't? What is the psychology of a time-out? Movie with Radostin Stoychev, Bernardo Rezende, Laurent Tillie.
Volleyball Explained: Lecture of Radostin Stoychev (PART2) Other This episode of Volleyball Explained covers three main topics: What does attack efficiency mean, how do we do block coverage technically, and why our mistakes are not shameful?
Best of Nikola Grbic - the Coach Other One of the most passionate coaches the volleyball world has ever seen! Nikola Grbic - the current national team's coach of Serbia!
Documentary about Giovanni Guidetti Other After a season coaching the Netherlands Women's National, 45-year-old Italian took charge of Turkey to allow him to spend more time with his wife - Turkish international Bahar Toksoy - and baby daught…
Vladimir Alekno - Men’s Team Coach of the Year Other Alekno has helped Zenit Kazan win their third straight Champions League title as the Russians dominated the competition from start to end losing only two sets – as much as they did in the Russian na…
Radostin Stoychev back heel save (Trentino - Molfetta) Actions Italian Serie A1 2015/16 When your team is winning 24:16 you could do such things ;-) Trento with Kaziyski is one of the favorites to win scudetto this year.
Funny situation (Piacenza - Perugia) Actions Italian Serie A1 2015/16 Players of Piacenza: H. Zlatanov and E. Kohut collide with their coach ;-)
Angry Nikolay Karpol Other The Olympics 2004 The Russian volleyball coach Nikolay Karpol was famous for shouting and swearing at players. The players always have pressure to win and pressure not to lose so, let’s see how he handle the situatio…
4 years ago
Angry Slobodan Kovac Actions World League 2015 Controversy in Częstochowa: Iran coach Slobodan Kovac is furious with the referee's decision to overturn an Iran point which hands Poland the second set. The match proved a lot harder than Friday's …
4 years ago
Roberto Santilli: One of the 50 million Read this great interview which you can see also on! For coaches working conditions are 10 times more difficult, they have to find good relationships with the players and management …
Castellani leaves Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Santilli in Andreoli Latina After one year of work in PlusLiga, Castellani decided to change his employer. Who will replace him? Slivano Prandi is stepping down as a head coach of Italian team Andreoli Latina. Instead, club deci…
Bernardo Rezende Continues until 2016 Bernardo Rezende or "Bernardinho" one of the most popular and suceed Volleyball coaches of all times will continues whith the men NT of his country for the next 4 years, the main objective will be win…
Andrea Anastasi fury in match Poland - Finland Other World League 2012 Attack of fury presented at the technical time out by Polish coach after a bad game in match Poland - Finland (World League 2012 Intercontinental round in Katowice).
Andrea Anastasi fury vs Vital Heynen fury Actions Hubert Wagner Memorial 2012 Bernardo Rezende has followers! Attack of fury presented by Polish and German coaches after bad decisions of referees in Hubert Wagner Memorial 2012 match.
Daniel Castellani will be a new coach Zaksa in the next season Daniel Castellani was just 32 years old when he was offered the job as coach of the Argentine National Team. Sixteen years later, in February 2009, the Board of the Polish Volleyball Federation entrus…