Men volleyball players looking for a club (527)

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Men volleyball players looking for a club
Opposite from Brazil
Olavo Veiga
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I’m looking for a club!! I don’t have an agent so feel free to contact me anytime you want. I just need an opportunity to show what I'm capable of !! I play Opposite and OH. Whatsapp : +5534984117999

Last club: Praia Clube / Uberlândia VôleiLanguages: PortugueseBirthday: 1999-01-11Height: 194cmWeight: 88kgSpike: 352cmBlock: 337cmUpdate date: 1 day ago

Opposite from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Đorđe Knežević
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Mail: [email protected] WhatsApp/Viber: +38765702064

Last club: Al Sadd S.C.Languages: Bosnian, EnglishBirthday: 1991-08-22Height: 197cmWeight: 85kgSpike: 345cmBlock: 330cmUpdate date: 1 day ago

Outside Hitter from Ukraine
Roman Volkov
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WfatsApp/Viber/Telegram +380661935947

Languages: English, Russian, ArabicBirthday: 1995-03-25Height: 197cmWeight: 85kgSpike: 350cmBlock: 330cmUpdate date: 1 day ago

Setter from Poland
e-mail: [email protected] WhatsUp: +48504663431

Last club: Universitatea ClujLanguages: German, EnglishBirthday: 1998-04-29Height: 189cmWeight: 80kgSpike: 325cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 2 days ago

Middle-blocker from Algeria
Aymen Fanit
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I’m looking for a club!! I don’t have an agent so feel free to contact me anytime you want.

Last club: OMK El MiliaLanguages: EnglishBirthday: 2000-06-26Height: 194cmWeight: 70kgSpike: 330cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 2 days ago

Libero from Brazil
I have great expectations of being a player. Currently at Praia club. I play as libero and setter. But priority for libero. I've played the Brazilian Libero Selections Championship, school games, twice state champion.

Last club: Praia Clube / Uberlândia VôleiLanguages: Simple English, PortugueseBirthday: 2004-09-15Height: 169cmWeight: 63kgUpdate date: 3 days ago

Outside Hitter from Colombia
Soy jugador voleibolista colombiano, con mucha fortaleza mental y disciplina. Ansioso por dar lo mejor de mi en cada torneo.

Languages: Spanish, Simple EnglishBirthday: 1992-04-30Height: 190cmWeight: 85kgSpike: 340cmBlock: 325cmUpdate date: 6 days ago

Middle-blocker from Lebanon
Khaled Al Kaakour
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Whatsapp +96171909015 Email: [email protected]

Languages: French, Arabic, EnglishBirthday: 1993-05-08Height: 191cmWeight: 90kgSpike: 377cmBlock: 345cmUpdate date: 1 week ago

Setter from Congo
Rêche Mizingou
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Last club: CODM MeknesLanguages: EnglishBirthday: 1998-02-17Height: 190cmWeight: 75kgSpike: 295cmBlock: 345cmUpdate date: 1 week ago

Universal from Russia
Andrey Gvozdev
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Looking for a chance to show my skills.

Last club: VC KamaLanguages: Russian, EnglishBirthday: 1991-03-28Height: 200cmWeight: 96kgSpike: 353cmBlock: 341cmUpdate date: 1 week ago

Setter from Tunisia
Ala Hammami
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Last club: Club Olympique de KélibiaLanguages: English, Arabic, French, ItalianBirthday: 2000-07-13Height: 188cmWeight: 85kgSpike: 320cmBlock: 300cmUpdate date: 1 week ago

Outside Hitter from Iran
Asgar Safari
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I can not define myself, you have to watch our movies . Unpretentious but strong

Last club: Urmia Municipality VCLanguages: Azerbaijani, English, Turkish, FarsiBirthday: 2001-11-11Height: 192cmWeight: 77kgSpike: 340cmBlock: 330cmUpdate date: 1 week ago

Middle-blocker from Serbia
Ivan Mandić
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Last club: Železničar BelgradeBirthday: 2002-12-07Height: 194cmWeight: 83kgUpdate date: 1 week ago

Outside Hitter from Italy
Enrico Scarpi
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Last club: GIS Pallavolo OttavianoBirthday: 1995-10-02Height: 190cmWeight: 80kgSpike: 340cmBlock: 323cmUpdate date: 1 week ago

Libero from Poland
Wiktor Jezierski
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Last club: SPS Wisła PłockLanguages: EnglishBirthday: 2000-03-29Height: 185cmWeight: 86kgSpike: 320cmBlock: 315cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Universal from Argentina
Alejandro Godoy
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Correo: [email protected] WhatsApp: +5492645250041

Last club: Obras San Juan VoleyLanguages: English, SpanishBirthday: 1999-04-06Height: 195cmWeight: 83kgSpike: 340cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Outside Hitter from Russia
Danila Bykov
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WhatsApp / Telegram/ Viber : +79397121815

Last club: Ural UfaBirthday: 2001-09-06Height: 198cmWeight: 85kgSpike: 335cmBlock: 330cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Zas Saik
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Last club: VC Mendoza de RegatasLanguages: English, SpanishBirthday: 1995-05-10Update date: 2 weeks ago

Outside Hitter from Russia
Vladimir Otkidychev
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WhatsApp +79196225933

Last club: Academy KazanBirthday: 1994-01-22Height: 200cmWeight: 89kgSpike: 345cmBlock: 325cmUpdate date: 3 weeks ago

Setter from Montenegro
Rajko Strugar
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Last club: Khatam ArdakanLanguages: Serbian, EnglishBirthday: 1995-04-11Height: 193cmWeight: 85kgUpdate date: 3 weeks ago

Setter from Turkey
Doğkan Korkmaz
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Looking for team for the Next season 21/22. I can play Libero or Setter. Contact by WhatsApp: 05557515104 [email protected]

Languages: EnglishBirthday: 1997-05-03Height: 185cmWeight: 67kgSpike: 317cmBlock: 301cmUpdate date: 3 weeks ago

Setter from Colombia

Last club: Liga Bolivarense de VoleibolLanguages: English, French, SpanishBirthday: 1995-08-11Height: 188cmWeight: 75kgSpike: 327cmBlock: 315cmUpdate date: 3 weeks ago

Opposite from Argentina
Hello, I'm Gustavo, i have more videos on my YouTube channel

Last club: Paracao VoleyLanguages: English, SpanishBirthday: 1991-04-13Height: 200cmWeight: 95kgSpike: 350cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 3 weeks ago

Middle-blocker from Cameroon
Joss Owona
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Middle Blocker /opposite I’m looking for a club!! I don’t have an agent so feel free to contact me anytime you want. I just need an opportunity to show what I'm capable of !!

Languages: English, FrenchBirthday: 2001-10-20Update date: 4 weeks ago

Outside Hitter from USA
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Looking to show my skills furthur! And motivated to have an oppurtunity! #MambaMentality! Email: [email protected] Recent club: LVC - VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE OF AMERICA (VLA)

Last club: New York Legion / Team LVCLanguages: EnglishBirthday: 1997-02-23Height: 198cmWeight: 88kgSpike: 353cmBlock: 341cmUpdate date: 4 weeks ago

Universal from Russia
Danila Kuzmin
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a young promising player is looking for a club! I am 20 years old, in volleyball for 10 years, I played at the professional level in the Super League of Russia. detailed information, video and cv in direct or whatsapp 7 961 507-95-15

Last club: Dynamo LOLanguages: Russian, EnglishBirthday: 2001-05-01Height: 198cmWeight: 90kgSpike: 355cmBlock: 343cmUpdate date: 1 month ago

Libero from Puerto Rico
I am 5'10" Libero from Puerto Rico, but currently I live in Campbellsville, KY., USA. I played three years at Campbellsville University as an Outside Hitter and Libero. I don't have an agent, but feel free to contact me. Looking for a club to show my skills and who I really am.

Last club: Campbellsville UniversityLanguages: Spanish, EnglishBirthday: 1999-07-12Height: 177cmWeight: 63kgUpdate date: 1 month ago

Outside Hitter from Colombia
Daniel Cordoba
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Last club: CV San Roque BatánLanguages: English, SpanishBirthday: 1997-10-06Height: 202cmWeight: 93kgSpike: 350cmBlock: 337cmUpdate date: 1 month ago

Outside Hitter from Uruguay
Brian Viera
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Member of the Uruguayan U21 National Team

Last club: Club Atlético PeñarolLanguages: Spanish, EnglishBirthday: 2001-01-21Height: 192cmSpike: 335cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 1 month ago

Opposite from Sri Lanka

Birthday: 2000-06-08Height: 188cmWeight: 65kgSpike: 360cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 1 month ago

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