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Volleyball players looking for a club
Libero from Ukraine
Pylyp Harmash
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Last club: Știința Explorări Baia MareLanguages: EnglishBirthday: 1989-04-21Height: 191cmWeight: 86kgSpike: 315cmBlock: 285cmUpdate date: 1 day ago

Middle-blocker from USA
Antony Koyfman
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Last club: Hapoel Kfar SabaLanguages: English, SpanishBirthday: 1993-09-04Height: 203cmWeight: 96kgUpdate date: 3 days ago

Libero from Croatia
Hrvoje Pervan
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Last club: Mladost Ribola KaštelaBirthday: 1994-12-08Height: 187cmWeight: 75kgSpike: 330cmBlock: 315cmUpdate date: 3 days ago

Libero from Argentina
Hi, I'm a professional volleyball player. I'm 22. I represented the Argentinean Selection at Beach Volley in world youth championships. I'm currently looking for a team.

Last club: Once UnidosLanguages: SpanishBirthday: 1998-05-22Height: 182cmWeight: 70kgSpike: 335cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 5 days ago

Opposite from Russia
Alexander Zhumaty
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I am professional volleyball player, in sport for 20 years already. Ready to move to other country.

Last club: Dinamo ChelyabinskLanguages: Russian, EnglishBirthday: 1988-04-03Height: 195cmWeight: 90kgSpike: 350cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 5 days ago

Middle-blocker from Brazil

Last club: UBE L'Illa GrauLanguages: Spanish, Portuguese, EnglishBirthday: 1994-05-31Height: 204cmWeight: 98kgUpdate date: 5 days ago

Setter from Belarus
Mikalai Shkliar
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Last club: BATE BorisovLanguages: Slovak, Russian, Polish, English, BelarusianBirthday: 1989-12-31Height: 196cmWeight: 88kgSpike: 330cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 1 week ago

Outside Hitter from Spain
John Ezissi
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Based in Andalucía, Spain. Estoy aqui en Andalucía, España I'm not Spanish, just looking to play with a Spanish volleyball team.

Last club: AE ManresaLanguages: Spanish, EnglishBirthday: 1995-07-28Height: 180cmWeight: 80kgSpike: 348cmBlock: 325cmUpdate date: 1 week ago

Outside Hitter from Ukraine
Kyrylo Klochko
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Last club: Sertse PodilliaLanguages: English, RussianBirthday: 1996-12-09Height: 198cmWeight: 95kgSpike: 350cmBlock: 325cmUpdate date: 1 week ago

Outside Hitter from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Đorđe Knežević
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Last club: Al SafaLanguages: Bosnian, EnglishBirthday: 1991-08-22Height: 197cmWeight: 85kgSpike: 345cmBlock: 330cmUpdate date: 1 week ago

Outside Hitter from Argentina
Dario Costa
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Last club: San LorenzoLanguages: Spanish, EnglishBirthday: 1988-10-14Height: 189cmWeight: 89kgSpike: 338cmBlock: 330cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Opposite from Poland

Last club: Hvidovre Volleyball KlubLanguages: Russian, EnglishBirthday: 1999-07-14Height: 191cmWeight: 88kgSpike: 330cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Middle-blocker from Russia
Andrey Gvozdev
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Looking for a club…

Last club: Pärnu VõrkpalliklubiLanguages: Russian, EnglishBirthday: 1991-03-28Height: 200cmWeight: 96kgSpike: 353cmBlock: 341cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Outside Hitter from Colombia
Santiago Ortiz
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Last club: TolimenseLanguages: Portuguese, English, SpanishBirthday: 1995-11-27Height: 188cmWeight: 75kgSpike: 330cmBlock: 315cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Setter from Uruguay
Joaquín Carámbula
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Member of the Uruguayan U21 National Team

Last club: Nacional de MontevideoLanguages: Spanish, EnglishBirthday: 2001-04-10Height: 196cmWeight: 83kgSpike: 330cmBlock: 315cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Libero from Nicaragua
Miguel Castillo
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Last club: COLCALanguages: English, SpanishBirthday: 1997-07-01Height: 185cmWeight: 68kgSpike: 310cmBlock: 305cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Outside Hitter from Argentina
Enrique Laneri
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Quique Laneri Punta Receptor Liga Nacional Argentina

Last club: Sinergia VoleyLanguages: SpanishBirthday: 1983-08-05Height: 190cmWeight: 88kgSpike: 338cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Setter from Kenya
Reagan Omondi
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Birthday: 2002-02-24Height: 188cmWeight: 76kgSpike: 330cmBlock: 316cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Outside Hitter from Italy
Francesco De Marchi
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Pro volleyball player. Career start at 17° age in SISLEY TREVISO

Last club: Mladost Ribola KaštelaLanguages: English, Croatian, ItalianBirthday: 1986-06-17Height: 193cmWeight: 91kgSpike: 348cmBlock: 321cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Outside Hitter from Argentina
Juan Diego Guzman
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Last club: UNTREF VóleyLanguages: English, Portuguese, SpanishBirthday: 1995-09-21Height: 192cmWeight: 77kgSpike: 338cmBlock: 330cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Outside Hitter from Tunisia
Hsin Smaoui
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Last club: APS SfaxLanguages: French, English, ArabicBirthday: 1996-09-01Height: 190cmWeight: 82kgSpike: 340cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 3 weeks ago

Middle-blocker from Trinidad and Tobago
Adriel Roberts
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I don’t give up

Last club: University of CharlestonBirthday: 1997-11-02Height: 200cmWeight: 94kgUpdate date: 3 weeks ago

Opposite from Romania
Cristian Petcu
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I'm ready for a new team

Last club: Richmond VolleyballLanguages: EnglishBirthday: 1992-07-03Height: 195cmWeight: 99kgSpike: 345cmBlock: 330cmUpdate date: 3 weeks ago

Outside Hitter from Slovakia
Jakub Hukel
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Last club: BCC LeveranoLanguages: Polish, EnglishBirthday: 1989-04-23Height: 193cmWeight: 87kgSpike: 340cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 3 weeks ago

Opposite from Argentina
I have uploaded videos, if they do not appear here on my YouTube channel I have an update on the last season which I have played in Israel

Last club: Eilaboun Volleyball ClubLanguages: English, SpanishBirthday: 1991-04-13Height: 200cmWeight: 92kgSpike: 348cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 3 weeks ago

Middle-blocker from Uruguay
Federico Lopez
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Last club: Nacional de MontevideoLanguages: Spanish, EnglishBirthday: 2000-07-08Height: 195cmWeight: 82kgSpike: 335cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 3 weeks ago

Outside Hitter from Uruguay
Mateo Carámbula
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Last club: Nacional de MontevideoLanguages: Spanish, EnglishBirthday: 1992-08-13Height: 195cmWeight: 88kgSpike: 335cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 3 weeks ago

Outside Hitter from Belize
Bryton Codd
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Languages: Spanish, French, EnglishBirthday: 1995-03-22Height: 198cmWeight: 90kgSpike: 358cmBlock: 340cmUpdate date: 3 weeks ago

Setter from Croatia
Antun Odobašić
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2019 - EUSA Volleyball Championship (Lodz, Poland) - 2nd place 2018 EUSA Volleyball Championship (Coimbra, Portugal) - 5th place Other: Masters degree in Financial Management

Last club: MOK MarsoniaLanguages: Croatian, EnglishBirthday: 1995-01-08Height: 184cmWeight: 82kgSpike: 315cmBlock: 290cmUpdate date: 3 weeks ago

Outside Hitter from Russia
Dmitry Popov
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Last club: Marko VitebskLanguages: English, RussianBirthday: 2000-03-14Height: 198cmWeight: 89kgSpike: 350cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 3 weeks ago

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