Men volleyball players looking for a club (1194)

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Men volleyball players looking for a club
Setter from Serbia
Nenad Nikolić
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WhatsApp +43 699 15053147 Mit Daueraufenthalt-EU (with EU-Visa)

Languages: English, German, French, SerbianBirthday: 1995-07-14Height: 191cmWeight: 98kgSpike: 328cmBlock: 309cmUpdate date: 18 minutes ago

Setter from Zimbabwe
Anesu Ian Musakasa
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Birthday: 2004-11-04Update date: 1 hour ago

Outside Hitter from Russia
Artem Borisenko
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WhatsApp +7-913-452-6986 I am looking for a club for the upcoming 23/24 season.

Last club: Atyrau VCLanguages: EnglishBirthday: 1998-11-09Height: 188cmWeight: 88kgSpike: 330cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 1 hour ago

Outside Hitter from Algeria
Ayoub Hamadache
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Looking For A Club (2023/2024 Season). WhatsApp: +213675904194

Languages: French, Arabic, EnglishBirthday: 2001-03-17Height: 197cmWeight: 76kgSpike: 345cmBlock: 330cmUpdate date: 1 hour ago

Outside Hitter from Brazil
Lucas Lázaro
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Last club: Voleibol Alta FlorestaLanguages: Portuguese, English, SpanishBirthday: 1994-12-31Height: 192cmWeight: 91kgSpike: 350cmUpdate date: 4 hours ago

Opposite from Romania
Rareș Gălățescu
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Last club: Ştiinţa Bacău VoleiLanguages: EnglishBirthday: 2002-07-11Height: 190cmWeight: 85kgSpike: 340cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 5 hours ago

Outside Hitter from Russia
Artem Firsov
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WhatsApp +79191035131 Video from the last season on YouTube Instagram: @prostofirs

Birthday: 1997-08-14Height: 197cmWeight: 80kgUpdate date: 7 hours ago

Middle-blocker from Ukraine
Vladislav Antoniuk
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+380962479295 - Telegram, Viber

Last club: VC Bakhmut-SHVSMBirthday: 2001-06-09Height: 195cmSpike: 340cmBlock: 315cmUpdate date: 8 hours ago

Setter from Romania
Eduard Catrina
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Instagram: TikTok:

Last club: Știința Explorări Baia MareLanguages: Romanian, EnglishBirthday: 1997-07-02Height: 194cmWeight: 91kgSpike: 335cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 9 hours ago

Setter from Poland
Contact: WhatsUp:+48504663431 HL 22/23:

Languages: English, GermanBirthday: 1998-04-29Height: 190cmWeight: 80kgSpike: 325cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 11 hours ago

Universal from Russia
Ivan Nikiforov
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WhatsApp +79531594040

Languages: RussianBirthday: 2004-09-11Height: 201cmWeight: 90kgSpike: 350cmBlock: 340cmUpdate date: 20 hours ago

Libero from Serbia
Filip Trifunović
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Last club: Mladi Radnik PožarevacBirthday: 1999-07-11Height: 186cmUpdate date: 1 day ago

Universal from Spain
Alberto Goya
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Last club: Club Voleibol GuaguasLanguages: SpanishBirthday: 2005-06-27Height: 184cmWeight: 70kgSpike: 315cmBlock: 305cmUpdate date: 1 day ago

Outside Hitter from Portugal
Diego Raposo
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directly with my WhatsApp +55 21 96021-5222

Languages: English, Portuguese, French, SpanishBirthday: 1989-07-03Height: 190cmWeight: 100kgSpike: 335cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 1 day ago

Outside Hitter from Russia
Khazhi Bataev
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looking for a team. +905340118835 WhatsApp

Last club: Volleyball Club GroznyLanguages: English, Russian, TurkishBirthday: 2004-08-01Height: 196cmWeight: 81kgUpdate date: 1 day ago

Outside Hitter from Spain

Last club: Club Voleibol GuaguasLanguages: SpanishBirthday: 2005-01-19Height: 184cmWeight: 60kgSpike: 330cmBlock: 315cmUpdate date: 1 day ago

Outside Hitter from USA
Jared Ray
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Whatsapp: +1 4844325445 Looking for club 23/24 season Highlights and Full match replays on my youtube

Last club: Team FreedomLanguages: EnglishBirthday: 2001-01-12Height: 201cmWeight: 92kgSpike: 358cmBlock: 343cmUpdate date: 2 days ago

Libero from United Kingdom
Jack Bailey
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+44 7454 987372 -WhatsApp number [email protected] - email Senior men’s national libero 2x best Libero in the uk and Ireland Highlight reel:

Birthday: 2001-06-10Height: 173cmWeight: 60kgSpike: 310cmBlock: 290cmUpdate date: 2 days ago

Universal from Russia
Danil Andreev
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I am looking club for season 2023-2024 Highlights 2023-24 si=Dt4T1Kn7ASbsYJU1 Highlights 2022-2023

Languages: Russian, Simple EnglishBirthday: 2000-07-26Height: 194cmWeight: 84kgSpike: 350cmBlock: 330cmUpdate date: 2 days ago

Setter from Northern Ireland
Sam Neill
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Looking for a team for 2023-2024 season - Highlight Tape: - Whatsapp number: +44 7395 556781

Languages: EnglishBirthday: 2002-07-30Height: 193cmWeight: 85kgUpdate date: 2 days ago

Libero from Poland
Bartosz Olczyk
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Last club: Sacred Heart UniversityBirthday: 2004-06-16Height: 183cmWeight: 76kgSpike: 325cmUpdate date: 2 days ago

Libero from Northern Ireland
Brian Tyre
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WhatsApp - ‪+447732359869 Email - [email protected]

Last club: Team SunderlandLanguages: EnglishBirthday: 2001-02-17Height: 172cmWeight: 64kgSpike: 300cmBlock: 285cmUpdate date: 2 days ago

Opposite from Turkey
Enes özyürek
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Languages: TurkishBirthday: 2005-02-02Height: 200cmWeight: 88kgSpike: 340cmBlock: 330cmUpdate date: 2 days ago

Universal from Russia
Andrey Gvozdev
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Languages: English, RussianBirthday: 1991-03-28Height: 200cmWeight: 96kgSpike: 353cmBlock: 341cmUpdate date: 3 days ago

Setter from Turkey
Turgut özcan
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Last club: Alba Voleybol AkademiBirthday: 2000-06-28Height: 190cmWeight: 84kgSpike: 326cmBlock: 309cmUpdate date: 3 days ago

Outside Hitter from Bulgaria
Simeon Topuzliev
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Last club: Casarano VolleyLanguages: German, Bulgarian, EnglishBirthday: 2000-01-01Height: 190cmWeight: 93kgSpike: 345cmBlock: 320cmUpdate date: 3 days ago

Outside Hitter from United Kingdom
Oliver Tuck
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Volleyball England under 19 captain England super league outside +44 7399 258313

Last club: Newcastle UniversityLanguages: EnglishBirthday: 2005-05-18Height: 195cmWeight: 83kgSpike: 334cmBlock: 309cmUpdate date: 3 days ago

Libero from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Josip Mijić
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Aspiring Volleyball player with great qualities and determination. Email: josipmi[email protected] WhatsApp: +387 63 504 118

Languages: Croatian, EnglishBirthday: 2003-08-02Height: 182cmWeight: 73kgSpike: 310cmUpdate date: 4 days ago

Outside Hitter from Serbia
Milan Radivojević
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Last club: OK MladenovacLanguages: EnglishBirthday: 1994-09-08Height: 198cmWeight: 83kgUpdate date: 4 days ago

Opposite from United Kingdom
Kelechi Bell
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England National Team Player WhatsApp - +44 7432727393 Highlights - Email - [email protected]

Last club: Team SunderlandLanguages: EnglishBirthday: 2005-01-01Height: 198cmWeight: 90kgSpike: 362cmBlock: 342cmUpdate date: 4 days ago

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