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#PouryaFayazi left #MKSBedzin. Probably he will join some Iranian club...

What about last set ??

nice try vettori haha

Slobodan Kovas is new Coach of Jastrzebski Wegiel

@zafts so we know as much as nothing :p




@Kondes “Due to procedural problems” as Okolic said.

Anyone knows why Okolic leaves Milano?

It deserves to be movie of the month ;)

Daudi Okello is not 1st African men player who plays in Korean V-league, because Moroccans Mohamed Al Hachdadi played in Korean V-league 2016-17 season belonging to OK SavingBank. 

Yesterday in Turkish League :

Arhavi Spor Kulübü 25-20, 25-18, 41-43, 25-23 Inegol Belediyesi

@Kondes its in the FIVB transfer portal and on his instagram story he is at the arena tonight for the Radom/Katowice game. 

Where's the proof about transfer of young Sander to Radom?

The play at 10:00 is absolutely incredible. Amir setting the ball to Simone - BRAVO.

Why lucky ? This was clearly his intention. Yes, Rseszow defender are quite slow to react but this is well played by Tuaniga, no luck at all.

Sherlock in Handshakes Zenit Kazan
1 month ago

Nice ! That's what happens when a former player becomes immediately the coach and knows the players very well.

Hello, please note that there are no United kingdom volleyball teams at youth and junior level. There is no GB team at senior level either.  Currently England has U19 & U17 make and female teams as well as a senior male and female team. 

@VolleyballExplained movie rating is only one of the algorithm factors. I can't reveal other factors.

Can you explain me the logic of the automatic promotion to the homepage - a link with 2 likes being promoted? :)

I don't think there is any error here. From my point a view the ball is 20 centimeters away from the block and the player carries the ball until it touches the block. It really shocked me and I would have taken the same decision.
Nishida is a very good player, but I believe that's for now people overrate him.
Really weird to see Matt Anderson without Kazan or USA jersey !
Wow! What an actions. ?
Good luck ♥️

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What about last set ??

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What about last set ??

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