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He was only on loan in Ślepsk, he has to comeback. Im not sure how long is his contract with Resovia.

Matt West in France Pro A 2019/20

I watched you play live in Cannes against Tourcoing, I didn't know you but I have to admit a very good distribution and a good combination of blocking and serving. You have quite a Christenson-like style of setting even if you gesture is a little more "weird". I hope you can stay in France next week, and I wish you good luck for the rest of your career.

I understand. It looks more the direction then full requirement.

PSG Volleyball?
Oskar R in PSG Volleyball?
3 weeks ago

Psg will be artificiall Club. 

Srecko Lisinac with Trentino until 2022.

The longest set in the history of volleyball

Today in PlusLiga :

Czarni Radom 25-23, 44-42, 22-25, 25-21 Slepsk Malow Suwalki

Zenit Kazan - Jastrzebski Wegiel (highlights)

The seven points in a row who kicked Kazan out of the Champions League...

Brazil - France (5th set highlights)

Subscribe to my channel and let me know what you think abouth my videos! :) Cheers


Scotland - Faroe Islands (full match)

It is always nice to see amateurs playing on a decent level

Player can be dual position, blocker or opposite spiker??…

Why this videos always have to have this kind of atracious music?

Poland - Slovenia match point

This is not a match point...

Leo Shoes Modena - Cucine Lube Civitanova (highlights)

Micah Christenson is fantastic. Best setter in the world.

The Olympics 2020 chat
Kondes in The Olympics 2020 chat
1 month ago

@Sherlock that was lil joke, congrats for takin 1st place at the plusliga predictions 

Thanks to you! :P

Challenge Cup 2019/20 chat

@RonanCaroff It's done. Waiting for acceptation now.

Philip Freere in Club Review page.
2 months ago

Im just curious to see how people are reviewing clubs.   For example AZS Częstochowa was given a 2.1 star rating and then ARBO Rotterdam Fusion was given a 5 star rating.   Two very different clubs playing in two very different leagues, I find it very interesting.

New feature for volleyball players!

You 're welcome. Thanks for the tag. Together in making this site glorious! 

Best regards !  #playersdata  #volleyballtransfers

Best actions in PlusLiga 2019/20

Movie of January. Congratulations.

Bartosz Filipiak 124 km/h ace serve

Kłamstwo...  124km/h a nie 134 

@Volleybox Thank you so much! 

Sesi Sao Paulo - SESC-RJ (full match)

Guys,  ssearch Souza Fabuloso to play this game

The collapse in French national team

@SorinAcela player should be presented in the rosters of both of teams.

TOP Volleyball Saves of 2019 year


Red card for Milad Ebadipour
TidO in Red card for Milad Ebadipour
2 months ago

Just a small correction. It wasn't a red card, it was yellow and red together (expulsion).

2019: Year in review on

@Sherlock yes, thats a valuable opinion for me.

I agree that most volleyball fans are reading news and watching movies on the social media (instead here). Movies which are published on our facebook profile have much more views than not published one.

On the other hand there are some volleyball forums where fans are posting all the time. These forums probably don't have such notification system as facebook. What's the reason of their success? Community?

Btw. something like newsletter will be implemented soon on Volleybox. There will be "Observe" button in every player / team / tournament and you will be able to specify how often you want to get notification emails about new movies / news related with that profile (instant email / once a day / once a week etc.). I'm not sure how often people are checking their emails.

Stade Poitevin Poitiers - Rennes Volley 35 (highlights)

Merci pour ces reportages, ça fait plaisir de voir la télé parler un peu du volley français !

Dmitriy Muserskiy in V.Premier League 2019/20

@Volleybox what about renaming the field to avoid misunderstanding in Nationality/Second Nationality.

Nationality shows which country is the player first passport.

Second Nationality -> Sport Nationality

Why Zenit Kazan plays so badly?

It's a good analysis. I can't understand Kazan's choice to have recruited Sokolov. Mikhaylov plays badly in the position of wing spiker as explained in the video.

Left handed attack by Anderson

Why are Monza players protesting ? The action is totally clean..

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I believe that the administration should also check the correctness of links to gossip not only for ready transfers. Because now some add gossip that they invented themselves and which have nothing to do with reality. And as a link they add random webside.

Best comment of March

I believe that the administration should also check the correctness of links to gossip not only for ready transfers. Because now some add gossip that they invented themselves and which have nothing to do with reality. And as a link they add random webside.

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