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Really weird to see Matt Anderson without Kazan or USA jersey !
Wow! What an actions.
Good luck ♥️
KB Stars officially announced the replacement of foreign player from Michael Sanchez to Bram Van den Dries on Oct. 10.
Oh yes I've forgotten this team ! Thanks, I have to admit that I didn't watch the entire video because this is not the most fascinating club of Poland
@Sherlock because of Stocznia Szczecin Author told it on that movie.
They were last team and relegated. Why ?
Bram Van den Dries transfers to KB Stars in Korean V-League to replace for Michael Sanchez who suffered shoulder injury.
@franzvinci01 Please don't be angry. I watched it live on the Arena, the team was not motivated (except Earvin and Jenia) after losing an amazing 5-setter less than 24 hours ago. They were all tired and two injured players were unable to play (Tillie and Lyneel). And this is not a shame to lose against this Polish team.
Heh, that was amazing. You can watch this video in order to understand better the concept of efficiency.
@Triniti17 like this video if you want to push it to the homepage
Thank you for the video and for your work!

I don't really get the fact that Leon attacked at 30%.
The official stattistics of CEV ( showed that he attacked at 47% (15 out of 32 balls). What did you mean ? The 30% efficiency you are talking about is only concerning the high balls he got?
the French play the game of life against Italy and then lose 3:0 against Poland. Bah.
(with all due respect to Polish players)
Zaytsev scored only 2 point. 7% success in attack. Only one of his 14 kills was been converted into a point! And he played all three sets. unbelievable!
@Volleybox He is amazing. So clean in reception, and probably the best defender in the history of volley. He brings back ball that seemed absolutely lost, too far, or too hard to defend.
Julien Lyneel, Stephen Boyer and Jenia Grebennikov are playing at an amazing level, Ngapeth is coming back to his top form after his injury, our three middle blockers Le Goff, Le Roux and Chinenyeze are very, very high (we didn't use them against Italy !!), our two setters Toniutti and Brizard are amazing and with the same level and are interchangeable. Also we have golden substitutes with Kévin Tillie always so clean at the back, Thibaut Rossard and his super serve and the clever Trevor Clévenot.
What a team !!
Unfortunately for Nimir bad set and very strong block)))
3:49 amazing dig of Jenia. Absolutely The best libero for 5 years.
Fabian Drzyzga was watchning that match last time in the interview Thanks for uploading it.
This is how I love my national team. They are not the tallest players at all, but the are everywhere, the most spectacular team in the world. Let's go France !
This macth in semifinal of World league 2002. But I could not create a new match. Its need fix @Volleybox
@Volleybox Perfect, thank you
@Djere Vizura it is customizable now. Go to your profile settings and choose "Dark mode". Here is a link:
@Sherlock it is customizable now. Go to your profile settings and choose "Dark mode". Here is a link:

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