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You 're welcome. Thanks for the tag. Together in making this site glorious! 

Best regards !  #playersdata  #volleyballtransfers

Movie of January. Congratulations.

Congratulations, really good video ! I would love more of this !

Kłamstwo...  124km/h a nie 134 

@Volleybox Thank you so much! 

@Volleybox  Thank you so much! 

Great news!

Congratulations @RenanSalton and @AnnaLoureiro! We are very glad that we helped someone to find a job.

Amazing! Thank you so much for the article! 

Guys,  ssearch Souza Fabuloso to play this game

@fknsx Yes, but how tired will be the 4th team of the pool B ? They will have to battle for every match while Poland and Italy will be able to rest half of the time.

fknsx in The Olympics 2020 chat
1 week ago

@Sherlock but again the winner from their pool is going to play in QF with much more stronger 4th team while the winner of pool B (and even 2nd in their group lol) will probably play in QF with quite weak team.

@SorinAcela player should be presented in the rosters of both of teams.

@Volleybox How do you deal with players who play for 2 (or more) teams in one season? The data tables aren't well designed and a player shows in one team while they might have left for another.

How "lucky" are the Polish players everytime ?? Group A with only Poland and Italy, Group B with USA, Russia, Brazil and France !! This serpentine system is terrible.

@NadaGad Even at the European Championships last summer he was excellent, I don't know what happened since then.

@Sherlock  i have the same porblem, i don't follow the chinese championship and i am really curious as to why his playing declined because i watched a vnl game from 2017 adn 2018 and he was excellent 

@NadaGad And I don't follow the Chinese championship so I really don't know how things are evolving for him. I have no idea how the championship is progressing. Maybe if someone knows something, a Chinese volleyball specialist ?

@Sherlock  yess, exactly

@NadaGad @Volleybox He played a bad season in China and was injured a few weeks ago, but he didn't looked very concerned when he played against Netherlands and that's the mystery of this tournament.

Amazing. What a team. Jean Patry and Yacine Louati are the revelations of the tournament, Antoine Brizard is becoming our number 1 setter, Grebennikov is still the best libero is the world well above the others. We made it to Tokyo, it was so unhoped for !!

Stephen Boyer has something to worry about concerning his number 1 opposite spot, Jean Patry was amazing. We have 2 world class opposites and 2 world class setters, a multitude of outside hitters (N'Gapeth, Louati, Rossard, Clévenot, Tillie, Lyneel...), three amazing middle-blockers (Chinenyeze, Le Goff, Le Roux) and the best libero in the world. Be careful Tokyo !!

@NadaGad no, I don't know.

@Volleybox do you know why kevin leroux wasnt playing any of the game??

Congratulations #France !

where is kevin lerouxx????



@Volleybox Actually, I think that if we don't qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, it will be the end of an era. Laurent Tillie made an amazing job and last 7-8 years we had our best national team ever in volley-ball, but it's time to change. His assistant Cédric Énard is the new coach of Estonia, maybe to prepare himself to be in charge of France in a few years, or others names are in rumors like Stéphane Antiga, Philippe Blain or Hubert Henno.

They want to build a strong team with the actual generation and the best young players in order to get an olympic medal at the Paris 2024 Olympics. We have a strong generation who destroyed every teams this year and lost only one set en route to the U17 european title.

I'm so sorry :-(

Just a small correction. It wasn't a red card, it was yellow and red together (expulsion).

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Congratulations, really good video ! I would love more of this !

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Congratulations, really good video ! I would love more of this !

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