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Bartosz Kurek vs Suntory Sunbirds

Where can I download the full Match?

Bartosz Kurek - THE KING Of Outside Hitters

In order to be “the king of outside hitters”, you should be an “outside hitter” and Kurek is definitely not.

Vero Volley Monza - Itas Trentino (2nd highlights)

I saw just a highlight reel and Pipo Lanza looks like he's struggling a lot. He doesn't seem very convincing. In comparison, Sedlaček shows more swag and seems more confident when he is playing. Though Lanza probably gives a lot in the reception… What is better option for Monza? Sedlaček or Lanza? Probably also depends on the team they are playing and tactical possibilities.

Vibo-Valentia - Piacenza (highlights)

@Sherlock Yes, it happens quite often that teams (especially with a lot of new players) are very unconvincing at the beginning. Civitanova and Perugia had very small amount of changes, while Piacenza and Trentino changed almost whole roster. But slowly they will have to up their game if they want to be amongst the best, Civitanova and Perugia are just smashing everyone in their way. But for sure all the teams plan to have the very best game for the Play-Offs i guess.

Rivan Nurmulki goes to Japan V-League

Zenit Kazan - Neftyanik Orenburg (highlights)

@MilanHomayoun Sorry, I apologize for that, my mistake

Slovenian league - live streams and new web platform

@jais most of the European Federations use this platform, earlier years mostly statistics and presentations, now also streaming on the platform

Earvin Ngapeth in one of Zenit's Kazan matches

@MilanHomayoun Also, I consider that a video creator should not be subjective like that and should let the people who watch the video make their own opinion. Because I can also take one single match when Wilfredo Leon was “bad”, and put the title “Wilfredo Leon - An Overestimated Volleyball Player ?”.

Creators should remain neutral.

Volleyball skills
Warren Nguyen in Volleyball skills
3 weeks ago

This blog for vietnamese or english 

Kioene Padova – Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza (highlights)

@jais Absolutely ! I missed the sunday evenings watching the big matches of Italian Superlega

Japan - USA (The Olympics 1992)

The decision was made the following day after a five hour FIVB meeting of 25 delegates - there were no American representatives on the panel, and the 2 Japanese delegates abstained from voting. The vote was a unanimous 23-0 in favour of awarding the match to Japan.

Michał Kubiak plays better when he is MAD

@DenizDevrimJr. I agree with your opinion dear

Legends of Volleyball
B…e in Legends of Volleyball
2 months ago


We have 10000 registered users!

wow great job! :D

David Smith - Best Volleyball Actions

Nice highlights, how do you download the matches from Volleyball TV?

Joshua Tuaniga
J. P. in Joshua Tuaniga
2 months ago

Amazing setting

Milad Ebadipour in PlusLiga 2019/20

He's been making lots of progress since he plays in Poland.

Jakub Hukel
Dominik Strąk in Jakub Hukel
3 months ago

You are very impressive player. Good luck Jakub!

Igor Oziabło in season 2019/20

Dobry siatkarz z Ciebie. Powodzenia Igor

Very good article!Thank you so much.

Bartłomiej Bołądź in PlusLiga 2019/20

You have also actions in this movie when he was a player of Czarni Radom...

Zach Melcher in Czech Extraliga 2019/20

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Vibo-Valentia - Piacenza (highlights)

Vibo Valentia is quite a pleasant surprise in Superlega. Looks like the team chemistry is good and names like Rossard, Saita and Aboubacar are doing great job.

Best comment of October

@VitaliiLatysh I think he's referring to the MVP award earned at the last European Championships. @SlobodanNiketić What is the source of this interview ?

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