Widgets for developers

Widgets for developers

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Are you web developer? There are some features which you can easily place in your website. All you have to do is putting iframe element to some part of your website's code.

There is list of the widgets which Volleybox.net actually provides for you. You could use them for free.


Transfers widget

Do you want to show users of your website the newest transfers from volleyball world in the simple way?

There is widget for you. It will display last accepted transfers from the list. You could specify widget language and you could choose transfers only from some league.

How to generate the code?

Go to the transfers list click on the GET CODE button. You will see window in which you could choose widget option.


Soonest match widget

Do you have some website about volleyball club? You could display soonest matches of the team there! Just put our widget there.

Example of soonest match widget

How to generate the code?

Go to the profile of the team, find the "Soonest match" box on the left menu and click on the GET CODE button.



There should be next widgets soon...


SudoFR 29 2
5 days ago

A prediction widget would be fantastic. We could include it on our site.

VolleyboxAuthor 159
5 days ago

@Sudo nice idea. But how it should looks?

Only matches for next 7 days should be presented? What about presenting results of last round and game classification?

SudoFR 29 2
4 days ago

@Volleybox To tell you the truth, I hadn't really thought about it. It was just a thought because I've always wanted to add a prediction section on our site (http://block-out.fr/) and I think that the predictions on the volleybox.net site are perfect, hence my remark about a widget that would make the link! I will think about it more carefully.

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