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Yo, right now in the match between Argentina and Serbia Uroš Kovačević got injured in 2nd set. It seems like he injured the left side of his body. He was really frustrated when he got injured. 

To me it was really odd, that Serbia play... Pokaż więcej

2021-06-17 5 2486 1521 1 min. czyt.
jais1 miesiąc temu 1521 5

Yo guys, do you know where can i get match reports of the vnl men matches? With all the numbers, percentages etc.? Like dataproject scoresheet.

1 miesiąc temu 2 111 58
jais1 miesiąc temu 58 2

Hi guys,

do you know if there will be any livestream of today's finals? Eurovolley tv for sure but is there any free stream anywhere? mvolley maybe? 🤔

3 miesięcy temu 0 150 58
jais3 miesięcy temu 58 0

Hi guys!

Today at 18:15 (CET) is the final, the most decisive match in Slovenian Finals series. The result in the series is 2:2, while the teams play on three victories. You are all kindly invited to watch livestream here.

The finals se... Pokaż więcej

2021-04-25 3 609 238 2 min. czyt.
jais3 miesięcy temu 238 3

Hey guys! Anyone knows where can I get a full match of the first CL semifinals game between Zenit and Zaksa, which Zaksa won 3:2? There's nothing on Youtube, any help, please? :)
If anyone is looking for, there is a full match of the s... Pokaż więcej

4 miesięcy temu 0 168 89
jais4 miesięcy temu 89 0

Today is the third game of semifinals of Slovenian league, in which Calcit Kamnik is looking for a surprise against reigning champions ACH Volley Ljubljana. This match-up was match-up in the finals for the past 5 years so it's very in... Pokaż więcej

2021-03-22 0 505 145 1 min. czyt.
jais4 miesięcy temu 145 0

Hi guys, today there's a big derby in Slovenian league, with a young and a very good team of Maribor with prodigy Rok Možič, very experienced Alen Šket and young and very efficient Ahmed Ikhbayri, who wil be trying to win against Calc... Pokaż więcej

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jais5 miesięcy temu 126 0

Lube is really playing well, Perugia can't do much…right now it's 15:8.

5 miesięcy temu 0 90 80
jais5 miesięcy temu 80 0

Set finished by Leon's error from the service line. Atanasijević finished 2nd set with 2/2 in attack. Maybe he can be the game changer in the next set.

5 miesięcy temu 0 58 56
jais5 miesięcy temu 56 0

At 20:14 Atanasijević was subbed in. In the next action he scored in his first attempt. Will he bring more of the attacking firepower to the Perugia's team?

5 miesięcy temu 0 59 56
jais5 miesięcy temu 56 0

Perugia wins 25:18. After Plotnytski's run on the serve they relaxed and started attacking very well. Excited for the next set.

5 miesięcy temu 0 42 39
jais5 miesięcy temu 39 0

We can comment here about the finals of the italian cup which is on right now. 1:0 for civitanova.

It looks like lube gave perugia taste of their own medicine, they used yesterday against trento (by shuting down Nimir, they won). Right... Pokaż więcej

5 miesięcy temu 6 324 135
jais5 miesięcy temu 135 6

Perugia killed Trentino 3:0. That's a shock! From what I could see, they shut down Nimir, but I watched only half a set. Wow, that's interesting!

6 miesięcy temu 0 118 65
jais6 miesięcy temu 65 0

Does anybody have any useful streaming link for Belchatow Zaksa right now?

6 miesięcy temu 4 139 118
jais6 miesięcy temu 118 4

VakifBank is the first club to implement the usage of next level technology to improve the players' physical performance up to their maximum. It's a very interesting concept and resembles the popular trend in sports to exploit the ben... Pokaż więcej

2021-01-02 3 3647 1192 2 min. czyt.
jais6 miesięcy temu 1192 3

VakifBank is the first club to implement the usage of next level technology to improve the players' physical performance up to their maximum. It's a very interesting concept and resembles the popular trend in sports to exploit the ben... Pokaż więcej

2021-01-02 0 872 401 2 min. czyt.
jais6 miesięcy temu 401 0

I saw Samuel Tuia with crutches in a video of Zenit - Berlin, and I didn't know he was injured. What happened to him and when? He was completely healthy on Tuesday…

7 miesięcy temu 0 172 74
jais7 miesięcy temu 74 0

On 8th december the first tournament of the Champions League pool C will take place in Berlin. Zenit Kazan, Berlin Recycling Volleys, Jastrzębski Węgiel and ACH Volley are in that group.

But the polish club has just recently informed p... Pokaż więcej

7 miesięcy temu 0 279 144
jais7 miesięcy temu 144 0

I have just seen a movie Icarus (do recommend very much), about the Russian state-sponsored doping system. The mastermind behind it, Grigoriy Rodichenkov speaks about doping system which has been decieving anti-doping control for year... Pokaż więcej

2020-11-20 0 266 236 1 min. czyt.
jais8 miesięcy temu 236 0
jais8 miesięcy temu 385 2
8 miesięcy temu

Hi guys!

This thread is meant for sharing live stream links to volleyball games.

For today I'm wondering about useful links for Italian league, do we have anything useful? Thanks :)

2020-10-25 34 1102 1074 1 min. czyt.
jais9 miesięcy temu 1074 34

Hi guys! I was wondering lately about volleyball tactics a lot - how the team can best prepare for a game, what is great coaches' philosophy of the game etc. And there's really not much content on the internet about the topic. Do you ... Pokaż więcej

9 miesięcy temu 0 72 57
jais9 miesięcy temu 57 0

Anyone knows where to watch Verona - Lube live stream? :)

10 miesięcy temu 4 79 70
jais10 miesięcy temu 70 4

With Slovenian league getting stronger and stronger the Volleyball federation designed a new web platform for all the leagues. The platform includes all the news, team data and information, live scores and - most excitingly - live str... Pokaż więcej

2020-09-26 5 658 535 1 min. czyt.
jais10 miesięcy temu 535 5
10 miesięcy temu

Anybody knows a good streaming service for today's Italian supercup finals Lube vs Perugia? Would be very grateful. :)

10 miesięcy temu 6 178 152
jais10 miesięcy temu 152 6
10 miesięcy temu
10 miesięcy temu

Does anybody know why on whole wide world Ricardo Lucarelli sits on the bench? Is he injured? Or is Michielleto just that much better?

Also what is happening in Perugia, why is Atanasijević on the bench?

I was guessing it's because of t... Pokaż więcej

10 miesięcy temu 13 145 122
jais10 miesięcy temu 122 13

Hi, just have a question, what to do when you have an inside information about a player's height, playing position (when editing profiles) and the link to such information does not even exist? You need to type in the link, but it's st... Pokaż więcej

2020-07-18 4 532 522 1 min. czyt.
jais1 rok temu 522 4

Does anybody know whether it's possible to watch the playoffs of the Greek volleyball league? Will there be any working live stream?

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jais1 rok temu 69 3
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